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Earlier this week, Josh Duggar was transferred to the federal prison that will serve as his home for the next 12 years.

Josh was convicted on child pornography charges way back in December of 2021, but he had been residing in a county jail in Fayetteville, Arkansas ever since.

Sources say Josh had become quite comfortable in his old life.

So you can be certain that his arrival at Seagoville Federal Correctional Institution came as quite a shock to his system.

For starters, Seagoville is in Texas, about six hours by car from the Duggar family home in Arkansas.

So Josh probably won’t be receiving quite as many visits from his wife and kids.

Anna might not be employed, but she’s also probably not up to the task of making a six hour road trip with seven kids in the car more than once a month or so.

Josh, Anna Horizontal

And then there’s the matter of safety.

Sex offenders who prey on children often become targets for violence and harassment behind bars.

Josh was well protected in in Fayetteville, but he’ll be far more vulnerable in Seagoville.

A source close to the situation has confirmed to In Touch that Josh “is terrified of prison”

“Even though Seagoville is low security and not known for violence against inmates, it does happen,” the insider said.

“And he’s going in for what fellow criminals and inmates despise: a child sex offender.”

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And while Josh might have enjoyed special protection in Arkansas as a local celebrity, at Seagoville, he’ll just be another face in the crowd.

“No one here feels sorry for him,” the insider confirmed.

Seagoville is home to roughly 1,700 inmates, and Josh will reportedly not be held in solitary protective custody, as he was in Fayetteville.

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot

The facility is known for its therapy programs aimed at reducing recidivism among child sex offenders.

Because of that, Seagoville FCI has a lot of inmates who are behind bars for crimes similar to Josh’s.

That’s good news for Josh in the sense that it might make him less likely to become a target of violence.

Josh Duggar is the Worst

But at the same time, he might be less likely to receive special protection from staff as a result of the unique makeup of Seagoville’s population.

Meanwhile, Anna is reportedly struggling with how to talk to her children about their father’s predicament.

Sources say the older kids sometimes grasp the situation, but there are other times when they seem just as confused as they did when it all began.

“The kids will be fine for a little while, but then they’ll start asking a million questions,” the insider revealed.

“Anna is relying on her faith to face the challenges ahead.”

Yes, despite rumors to the contrary, it seems that Anna is not considering divorcing Josh.

here is josh and anna

In fact, those who know her best say that Anna believes Josh is innocent and will be vindicated when his appeal results in a second trial.

Denial is a powerful thing.

But while she’s skilled at keeping up appearances, we’re sure Anna has at least considered the possibility that she married an absolute monster.