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It’s been almost a year since Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley started dating.

And the lovebirds appear to be happier than ever.

Jaylan recently bought a house for Leah, and the couple seems to be enjoying the process of making that house their home.

Fans are rooting for Leah and Jaylan, but they’ve begun seeking out signs of trouble, as well.

Leah and Jaylan Bought a House
Photo via Instagram

Earlier this month, fans were convinced that Leah and Jaylan had broken up.

Their theory seemed to be based on little more than the fact that Jaylan and Leah weren’t posting about each other as much as they used to.

And to be fair these two went from posting pics of each other every day to nothing at all for over a month.

Leah, Jaylan
Photo via Instagram

These days, Leah and Jaylan are back to posting about one another all the time.

But still, fans are dissecting their posts for something to complain about.

Case in point, this exchange about wall paper that took place on Instagram.

Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

It started with Leah asking fans for the best ways to get the stuff off of her walls.

Pretty much no one wants wallpaper in their homes anymore, but it’s all over the place in a lot of older houses.

A lot of fans complain that Teen Mom isn’t relatable anymore, but Leah was definitely experiencing a problem that’s common to first-time millennial homeowners.

Anyway, Jaylan offered a joking reply to her query:

“Let me do it and you go sit down,” he wrote.

Leah, Jaylan, Kids

“Patiently waiting for you to get back home. There’s a to do list that awaits,” Leah quipped in response.

“There’s only one thing I’m excited for on that list,” Mobley replied.

Fans were split on that remark, with many seemingly of the opinion that it was inappropriately sexual, what with Leah’s daughters now being old enough to use social media on their own.

Leah Messer and Jaylan
Photo via Instagram

And that wasn’t the week’s only debate about Jaylan’s role in the girls’ lives.

On Father’s Day, Mobley took to his Instagram Stories to pay tribute to his new family and — well, himself.

He thanked Leah’s daughters “for showing me a side of me I’ve never known” and stated that he “wait to show the world” how much he loves their mom … whatever that means.

Leah Messer and Trio of Kids
Photo via Instagram

“I can’t help but think about how these beautiful girls have allowed me to be the greatest Bonus Dad EVER!” Mobley concluded.

Best bonus dad is the kind of comment that one generally waits for others to make, rather than making it about themself.

And it rubbed a lot of fans the wrong way.

Leah Messer & Jaylan Mobley on Instagram
Photo via Instagram

“Maybe a father figure for Addie in some ways but not a dad. They all have dads,” one commenter wrote, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“The dads have been present from day one. Plus her first daughters are teens now,” another added.

“He has not been there long enough to be a bonus dad.”

Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley

“I get what he was trying to do, but it is worded in a way that sucks,” a third chimed in.

“I would like this post a lot more if the bio dads were MIA, but this makes it seem like he’s raising the girls himself playing the father role.”

We don’t think Jaylan meant any harm — but he should probably bear in mind that he’s addressing a very large audience these days, and he and Leah haven’t even been dating for a year yet.