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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days star Jasmine Pineda’s OnlyFans has put food on her table and paid her bills.

Becoming a creator on the adult media subscription service is a popular choice for this franchise’s cast.

It was also something of a necessity, after Jasmine reported that her leaked photo scandal cost her her job.

How is Jasmine’s OnlyFans going?

As their season of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days was airing, Jasmine Pineda made a startling announcement.

According to her, the nude that Gino Palazzolo had leaked to his ex had found its way to her employers.

She told her followers on social media that she had lost her teaching position as a result.

That was heartbreaking.

It also made it even more perplexing that Jasmine had not dumped Gino.

Both of them exhibited unacceptable behaviors during their season, but revenge porn is criminal in many places.

Despite not dumping Gino, Jasmine admitted that she felt like “less than trash” after the leak.

Losing her job, she expressed, put her at the lowest point in her life.

Between that and the hate that she was receiving from the usual 90 Day Fiance trolls, she even took an Instagram break.

However, as fans may recall, she returned with the encouragement of her fans after a week spent in bed.

Jasmine began supporting herself using Cameo and OnlyFans.

Cameo is when public figures offer short, paid videos of themselves speaking — and are popular birthday gifts.

OnlyFans, on the other hand, is a colossal adult media subscription platform.

Content can range from boudoir photos to full nudity to entire SFW cooking videos to hardcore sex featuring multiple performers.

Jasmine shared that she had struggled to find a new job in Panama, but this could pay the bills until she marries Gino.

He keeps trying to fix it. Like, when Jasmine talks about how she’s feeling right now versus how she felt when she was all done up for the day that he arrived in Panama, he asks if she would like to get her eyelashes done today. It’s clear that he wants to make her happier, but he clearly don’t fully grasp what to say or even why she is as upset as she is.

Despite a lengthy period of unemployment following COVID-19 layoffs, Gino is a financially comfortable man.

(With all of his anxious fidgeting, you’d think that the only thing comfortable about him is his clothes, but we get it)

But Jasmine has been making more on OnlyFans, she reported, than she ever made as an educator.

Taking a look at her OnlyFans page, one can easily understand why her “sexy and wild side” is so lucrative.

A monthly subscription will cost you $14.99.

The most discounted price, a one-year subscription, brings in $107.93.

Yeah, that’s the face that you make when your boyfriend tells you that he had saved your fingernail to remember you by.

Jasmine has amassed five figures worth of “likes” with only 150 posts.

While that doesn’t tell us much, it does give us a glimpse at her income.

Meanwhile, she boasted that her “#1 subscriber” spent $4,576.74 on her in the space of just four months.

Jasmine Pineda explains that it's pig feet

Then, of course, there is Cameo, the considerably less horny revenue stream.

If you have a friend who really enjoys 90 Day Fiance and either likes Jasmine or likes to poke fun at her, this is the way to go.

Jasmine’s Cameo page boasts 184 reviews and a five-star customer rating.

Jasmine is a gorgeous gal.

Even if Gino is a millionaire, Jasmine might — or might not — decide to keep up with OnlyFans.

Very few people are able to launch OnlyFans accounts after becoming famous. She got a major head start.