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We can now say this about James Duggar:

If his goal has been to distract celebrity gossip followers from the trials and tribulations of his brother, Josh, well…

… mission accomplished.

At this at this exact moment.

Late last month, Josh Duggar was sentenced to 151 months behind bars after getting convicted on two counts of child sex abuse in December.

Late at night recently, meanwhile?

James shared something truly bizarre on his Instagram page.

As you can see below, the 20-year old posted a screenshot of the account of a man named Caleb Arthur at around 1:30 a.m. this week.

No other information was provided at the time by Duggar, who later deleted the reference.

“It looks like an accidental post to me,” one Reddit user positive in response, adding:

“Maybe he grabbed a screenshot to share his username with other friends who might want to follow him and then accidentally posted it?”

Someone else agreed that it seemed accidentally, but also quipped: “let’s see if people will make gay rumors out of this.”

James Duggar Image
Photo via Instagram

It is unclear the relationship between the two, but folks were quick to pick up that both James and his brother, Jason, follow Arthur on Instagram.

Weird, right?

Previous to this post, James ALSO used his official social media account to confuse the heck out of followers.

He posted a picture of himself cradling a very young baby, someone who James did not identify and a child who did not look familiar to long-time Duggar Family followers.

Question for James Duggar: WHO IS THIS CHILD?!?

According to speculators on the Internet, James may very well have broken some bombshell news with this image.

He may have leaked a brotherly secret.

He may have revealed that Josiah Duggar and his wife have a secret baby!

We can’t possibly verify this rumor, of course, as Josiah certainly hasn’t confirmed (or denied) the report and James didn’t say anything about the infant in his arms up above.

James Duggar and Parents

Once again, when it comes to young James, we’re left to simply say:

Weird, right?

James is also one of the few family members who hasn’t said a word in public about Josh; not after he was arrested, not after he was convicted and not after he was sentenced.

Based on his random and mysterious postings of late, however?

Perhaps it really is best if he keeps his mouth shut.