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Chantel Everett is calling out Pedro Jimeno for lies, lies, and more lies.

The Family Chantel Season 4 has made it clear that nothing is certain, even after all of these years of marriage.

Pedro’s new job has been a source of contention for the couple.

Now, Chantel’s liveblogging of their own show has included her calling out her husband’s dishonesty.

Back when this season premiered, Pedro Jimeno began to shade his wife.


In his estimation, she was not doing enough around the house.

Chantel had finished nursing school.

Pedro had imagined that he would see his wife doing more chores and household maintenance.

He felt that he was shouldering the burden alone … which is not how Chantel sees it.

Fast forward to this week’s episode, and Pedro was taking his complaints to Mommy Dearest.

On the phone with his mother, Pedro whined about Chantel’s alleged lack of housework.

“She never cleans, never organizes, never does anything,” Pedro told his mom.

“I’m always the one cleaning the entire house,” Pedro griped.

Pedro accused: “She also doesn’t have time to buy groceries.”

That was what he told his mother, but that was not all that Pedro had to say.

Pedro spoke to the confessional camera, further throwing his wife under the bus.

“She can be a little selfish,” he accused.

Pedro said that this is “because she only thinks everything’s about her.”

He also described seeing neighbors organize and clean their houses together.

Pedro once again claimed that he has to do all of these things by himself.

Those are harsh words to air about your spouse on television.

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Are they even true?

According to Chantel, not even remotely.

No one likes to be insulted, but Chantel cites specific things that Pedro seemed to “forget.”

Chantel took to her Instagram Story this week to call out what she believes to be blatant dishonesty.

“These are lies,” Chantel wrote over one scene, having snapped a photo while watching the show.

“More lies,” she wrote after another.

Chantel has used her Instagram Story to mention several household chores, from blowing leaves to making food.

“Outside doing yard work blowing leaves around like I’m somebody’s servant……..” reads one post.

On another, Chantel wrote: “And … I mounted the TV.

Chantel is not crazy about Pedro going to see his family in the Dominican Republic, and she makes it known that she, at the very least, wants him to stand up for her when they inevitably say negative things about her. Pedro is going away for a MONTH. Chantel has real fears that she could lose her marriage.

This is not the first time that the couple’s drama has spilled off of the TV screen and onto our phones.

For years, Chantel has not shied away from calling out Pedro on Instagram.

He certainly says whatever he likes on camera, so why shouldn’t she do the same on social media?

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On screen, however, Chantel spent most of this episode focused upon her sister.

River underwent bariatric weight loss surgery, a complicated procedure that could adversely impact her health.

We continue to root for River’s well-being, even all of these months since her operation.