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Travis Scott’s reputation has yet to recover after November 2021’s Astroworld tragedy.

Ten people died as a result of injuries sustained, and some of their families — along with others who were injured — have blamed organizers and performers.

Travis is only one of the defendants being sued by Shanazia Williamson over multiple injuries sustained at the concert.

Under Texas law, she is also suing for wrongful death, alleging that the crowd surge and stampede caused a miscarriage.

Travis Scott in 2021

Travis Scott, whose real name is Jacques Webster, is being sued alongside multiple defendants.

Those named in the suit include Live Nation, scoremore Holdings, and ASM Global.

Shanazia Williamson filed the suit on November 21, the same month as the November 5 tragedy at Astroworld.

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Her initial lawsuit described attending Astroworld only to be trampled during the infamous and deadly crowd surge.

Williamson sustained injureis to her shoulder, back, chest, leg, abdomen, and elsewhere on her body, according to the filing.

Considering that 25 people were hospitalized and more than 300 people were reportedly injured, she is far from alone.

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TMZ got their hands on Williamson’s lawsuit, in which che alleges that the defendants failed "to plan, design, manage, operate, staff, and supervise the event."

The filing says that this failure "was a direct and proximate cause of Shanazia’s injuries and death of her and Jarawd’s (her partner) unborn child."

She is accusing the defendants of causing the wrongful death of her potential child, on the grounds that the injuries caused her to miscarry.

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The initial lawsuit cited numerous injuries, including "trouble breathing, chest pain" and "leg pain, as well as injuries to other parts of her body."

That was filed on November 21.

A month and a half later, the lawsuit was amended to include the wrongful death.

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Texas law is notorious in many ways, including on this topic, and is therefore very relevant to this case.

According state law, the death of a fetus due to negligence can be the basis of a wrongful death suit.

An interesting stipulation is that it does not matter whether the fetus was viable, or how far along the pregnancy was.

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Shanazia’s suit does not mention how far along she was in her pregnancy, but given Texas law, that point seems to be moot.

It would appear that she needs only prove that she was injuried at Astroworld and that her injuries resulted in a miscarriage.

That … and she would have to prove that neglicence on the part of the defendants, Travis Scott among them, is what prompted the deadly crowd surge.

Travis Scott in Texas

This is interesting, because the poorly conceived Texas law was imagined out of malice.

The goal, of course, was to come as close to criminalizing abortion as possible, creating a culture of fear and empowering abusive partners and relatives to police people’s bodies.

Given that political malefactors who put forward such policies generally despise personal injury lawsuits, it seems unlikely that lawmakers predicted this use of the law.

Travis Scott Solo

The public at large is not entirely sure of what happened at Astroworld beyond the tragedy itself.

It may take seeing the entire thing play out in court for us to all understand the sequence of events that led to the stampede.

Travis Scott is the most famous name associated with what happened, but it is unclear if he could have done anything differently. Again, that will have to be decided by the courts.