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Even after viewers witnessed Kara and Guillermo’s first disagreement, the two are a favored couple this season.

90 Day Fiance fans often try to guess which couples will make it down the aisle and which will call it quits — or face delays.

Did Kara and Guillermo overcome their differences and tie the knot before their K-1 visa ran out?

We now know the answer.

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Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer are married!

In Touch Weekly got a look at the Virginia Wedding Registry.

Court records show that Kara and Guillermo tied the knot in Albemarle County, on July 23, 2021.

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That means that, in a month and a half, Kara and Guillermo will celebrate their one-year wedding anniversary.

(Well, not to be shady, but only if they’re still together — we’re rooting for them, but we can acknowledge that things happen)

The Chief Deputy Sheriff of Charlottesville officiated the civil ceremony.

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This was Kara’s first marriage. It was also Guillermo’s first marriage.

That is no surprise, since we’re talking about a pair of twenty-somethings.

Court documents also reveal that the two share an address in Ruckersville, Virginia — Kara’s hometown (just outside of Charlottesville).

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All in all, we are very happy — and thoroughly unsurprised to see that Kara and Guillermo made it down the aisle.

It’s always statistically likely that couples on 90 Day Fiance — the original, not necessarily the spinoffs — end up marrying.

By the time that a K-1 visa is granted, they are years into a relationship and have invested a lot of time, money, and emotions into the relationship.

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Statistics and a hefty dose of sunk cost fallacy aside, it’s also just good to hear that Kara and Guillermo are married.

They both seem like nice people who genuinely care about each other.

Their "age gap" is a mere six years. These are two grown adults who are in their twenties, with the exact same age dynamic as Jibri and Miona. It’s nothing.

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And the one "fight" that the two have had so far, on screen, was … basically nothing.

Guillermo made a good and valid point about wanting a computer. Kara made a good and valid point about needing to save money.

The only "red flag" was that they argued about it at all instead of quickly working out the obvious solution (buy a cheaper computer, like a desktop PC).

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It looks like a lot of their conflict in the immediate future is going to stem from outsiders.

From Kara’s uncle to an ex, not everyone will be as welcoming to her hot fiance (and now husband) as Kara was.

Trailers for the season also teased some jealousy issues, but so far, this looks like a couple included to remind us that non-toxic and loving partners do exist.

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That said, early impressions can be deceiving, and we are only four episodes in.

Couples can and do surprise us as seasons go on.

And some more misogynistic viewers are already expressing loathing towards Kara, just as weary fans predicted.

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Speaking of predicting things, we had more or less called that these two would end up together after a friend of Kara’s slipped up.

In an Instagram post, the friend’s caption referred to Kara and Guillermo as married.

Now, we have true confirmation, and we couldn’t be happier for them.