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Folks, it brings us no pleasure to inform you that Shake Chatterjee is at it again. 

Ever since he horrified viewers with his behavior on Love Is Blind Season 2, the Chicago-based veterinarian has been making a name for himself as one of reality TV’s most horrendous villains.

He started out by informing the entire world that he wasn’t attracted to Deepti Vempati, which was rather inconvenient, considering that at the time, the two of them were engaged.

Once he’d thoroughly humiliated Deepti and her family, Shake turned his attention to antagonizing Nick Lachey.

Chatterjee, Lachey

After butting heads with the LiB host during the reunion show, Chatterjee decided to keep the feud going by calling Lachey a "twat" on Instagram.

Shortly thereafter, he doubled down on his attack and accused Nick of being emotionally abusive to Jessica Simpson during their brief marriage.

Yes, Shake is so serious about taking Lachey down that he went back and watched old episodes of The Newlyweds just so he could dig up dirt on his new rival.

That’s commitment!

Jessica Simpson Hat

Anyway, on the reunion, Shake mentioned that Nick’s wife, Vanessa Lachey, was the only woman on the stage whom he was attracted to.

Did we mention this guy is a massive douche?

“We all have our physical preferences,” he said at the time.

Shake Chatterjee at an Event

“Listen, every woman here is beautiful, I think you’re all beautiful, I’m not attracted to all of you. Unfortunately, the only one I’m attracted to is Vanessa.”

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Shake doubled down on these remarks, 

“That’s a compliment unless you’re an insecure, insecure guy,’ he said. ‘If you’re insecure then, yeah, any anything’s upsetting if you’re an insecure guy.”

Chatterjee has a new girlfriend, and he encouraged Nick to make comments about how much he’d like to bang her.

“Hey, tell me how attracted you are to Emily,” Shake told Us.

“Tell me she’s beautiful. She’s gorgeous. She’s hot, but she’s mine. You can look, but you can’t touch, pal.”

Shake Chatterjee For OnlyFans

Shake then returned to the subject of Nick’s public interactions with Jessica during their time together.

"Honestly, he treated Jessica Simpson like garbage for years,” he said.

“And guess what? That’s documented big boy. All right, 98 degrees," Chatterjee continued, referring to Nick’s popular nineties boy band.

"Are you kidding me? More like 32 degrees. You haven’t been 98 degrees since 1998 pal.”

We’re not here to defend Nick’s actions, but we will point out that he and Jessica were making a reality show that was at least partially scripted, so we probably can’t tell everything about their marriage from the scenes that made it to MTV.

At that point, Shake took issue with claims that by focusing so heavily on Deepti’s appearance, he undermined the entire premise of Love Is Blind.

He suggested that Nick is a hypocrite for claiming that love is blind, even though he met his first wife on a music video set.

"Is love blind or did you meet on the set of a music video" Shake said.

"Like, OK. Then you come on here and tell me how I treat people [poorly] and talk to people. You single me out when you’re supposed to be an impartial host, like, bro, you’re a washed-up nobody.”

We don’t think Nick was saying that everybody should get engaged before laying eyes on their fiancé.

He was just correctly pointing out that that’s the premise of the show on which Shake was appearing.

We understand that Shake is doing everything that he can to remain relevant these days.

But someone should probably tell the guy that he’s gonna need better arguments if he wants to keep this one-way feud interesting!