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These days, you see a lot of headlines about people getting "canceled."

The word is usually used figuratively, of course, to describe situations in which a public figure’s behavior resulted in siginficant social or professional consequences.

But when reality stars do something stupid or violent or both, sometimes they get canceled in a much more literal way.

Take, for example, Shahs of Sunset star Mike Shouhed.

Mike Shouhed, Paulina Ben-Cohen

Earlier this week, we reported that Shouhed had been arrested on felony domestic violence charges.

The incident occurred in March, and Shouhed managed to keep it under wraps for about a week before Page Six learned of the arrest on Monday.

Shouhed was only held in custody for a few hours before being released on $5,000 bail.

Photo via BRAVO

He has been charged with “intimate partner violence with injury."

The charge is usually reserved for incidents in which the arresting officers observe signs of physical injury on the victim.

The victim has not been identified publicly, but it is widely believed to be Shouhed’s fiancee, Paulina Ben-Cohen.

Photo via BRAVO

Shouhed is due back in court on July 25, and needless to say, he could be facing some very severe legal consequences.

As for the professional consequences, those may have already begun.

According to a new report from E! News, Shahs of Sunset has been placed on "indefinite pause" and is unlikely to return.

Photo via BRAVO

The popular Bravo series completed its ninth season in August of 29.

It was already unclear if network execs would renew Shahs for a tenth season amid declining ratings, and now, Shouhed’s arrest may have made the decision easier for Andy Cohen and company.

Much will depend, of course, on what Paulina has to say and whether or not she’s willing to testify against Mike in court.

Mike Shouhed on Shahs of Sunset

Ben-Cohen has not yet commented on the situation, but fans were quick to notice that she deleted her Instragram account after news of the arrest went public this week.

This is not the first scandal of Paulina and Mike’s relatively short relationship.

Last year, Shouhed was caught sexting an unidentified woman behind Paulina’s back, an indiscretion for which he has since apologized.

Mike Shouhed Promotes Shahs of Sunset
Photo via Bravo

“We were going through COVID, being on lockdown, and I let the anxiousness of going through that and just being bored allow me to do things I shouldn’t have done,” he told E! News last year.

“Looking back, I feel really stupid for allowing myself to engage in that conversation, even though those text messages were for a few hours and one day that those messages happened, reliving it now feels like … like it was going on for a long period of time.”

"It just hurt her, it hurt me, it was a learning experience and I realize that I shouldn’t do that," he concluded.

Photo via BRAVO

After a brief pause from the site, Paulina has now reinstated her Instagram account.

But she still hasn’t posted anything new since Mike’s arrest on March 27.

Paulina’s most recent post is from March 18.

Photo via Instagram

It’s a photo of her standing at a phone booth, with a caption that reads, “Waiting for your call ….”

We’ll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.