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One fun thing about Teen Mom is that the show has been going on for so long that it’s almost impossible to remember every single thing that’s happened.

That means that we can watch older clips often with fresh eyes, and see things in a way we might not have seen them before.

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For example, you could watch a lot of Amber Portwood’s old footage and now that we know how bad her drug problem was and how violent most of her relationships were, we could see some layers that may not have been as noticeable when that footage first aired.

Likewise, after the revelations of Leah Messer’s memoir, we can watch the episode where she had a miscarriage with Jeremy Calvert and see how she was lying, since we now know she’d secretly had an abortion.

Another good person to do this little trick with is Ryan Edwards.

All the way back in 2017, we learned that Ryan had been struggling with a bad heroin addiction for a while — we’re still not sure exactly how long, but we do know an ex-girlfriend claimed that he went to rehab for prescription drug abuse in 2012.

Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom O. G.
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Even before we learned about the drug use, fans had been speculating that he’d been high on something during his scenes on the show.

And in the latest scene that’s been making the rounds, he’s behaving pretty suspiciously … and he’s also just being kind of a terrible father.

This particular scene was filmed when Bentley, the son Ryan shares with Maci Bookout, was just about to start first grade, which would have been in 2014.

It starts with Ryan out to lunch with a couple of friends, and one of them asks him what’s going on with Bentley.

He starts off with an "Um …" that turns into a groan, and he starts rubbing his eyes before finally announcing that his son is starting first grade.

His friend starts to ask him when school starts for him, and Ryan is a bit confused, saying "Hang on … this week … this …"

He seems a little dazed, but eventually he says without much confidence that he thinks that school starts that Monday.

The friends share a look, then one of them asks "Are you gonna try to be there on the first day of school?"

"I mean I doubt I’m gonna wake up and, you know, get in the car with Maci and drop him off at school, you know," he replies. "Probably not. That would be kinda awkward."

His friend insists that taking a short car ride with the woman he shares a child with wouldn’t be awkward, but Ryan wasn’t convinced.

"I mean, God, do you know how hard it would be to try to meet up with each other just to watch him walk out of a car into school?" he asks with a smirk.

"I mean, it’s just his first day in another grade."

His friend didn’t say anything else but just shook his head, a pretty clear look of disgust on his face, and that’s where the clip ends.

And the good people over on the Teen Mom Reddit had quite a few thoughts about it all.

"He’s so high," one person speculated. "It’ll never not amaze me how long he got away with being completely zonked on drugs while filming before it became public knowledge."

Lots of people seemed to agree with the notion that he was high here — as one of them put it, "I’m 99.9% sure that he’s higher than a giraffe’s balls in this clip."

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?

"Uffff he was out of it hard," another user wrote. "Glad Bentley has Tyler because his bio dad is not a father at all."

One person explained that "He didn’t have to talk to Maci or anything if it was about that. He’s just straight up a lazy POS who has never put Bentley ahead of himself."

"I feel bad for all of Ryan’s kids," someone else said. "I can’t imagine he will ever step up and actually be a loving parent. The trauma he’s going to cause or has already caused …"

Some Reddit users even admitted that both parents showing up to the first day of school isn’t necessarily a huge deal, and sometimes it’s not even possible — it’s just that Ryan’s obvious disinterest in his son’s life is hard to watch.

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If he’d had some obligation that prevented him from coming, or if Bentley didn’t really care if he showed up or not, that would have been one thing.

But for him to pretend like it’s just impossible to wake up early and take a tiny bit of time out of his day to do something for his son is pretty disappointing.