Ryan Edwards: I'm Not on Drugs, I'm Just A Bad Person!

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You know all those times during this season of Teen Mom OG where it's seemed like Ryan Edwards was high as a damn kite?

Yeah, you know, he's had those bulging eyes that literally never blink, he's been exhibiting some pretty strange behavior, and his own father even kicked him out of his house for weird reasons?

Well, Ryan has a thing or two to say about those rumors.

And it's not what you'd expect ...

Nah, just kidding, it's exactly what you'd expect, right?

Ryan grunts and chuckles out vague answers and comes off like a giant jackass.

We'd be fools to expect anything else from him.

This paparazzo asks Ryan if he's heard the rumors that he's been on drugs, and Ryan gives this bizarre little cackle and says "Yeah."

And then, when the guy asks Ryan if the rumors are true, he laughs again and says "No."

Ryan Edwards on the Couch

What a brilliant interview subject Ryan is turning out to be!

When this poor soul whose job it was to track Ryan down and ask him about his alleged drug use points out Ryan's creepy eyes, Ryan gets a little antsy, but his Teen Mom OG producer jumps in and saves the day.

"Sometimes he's tired," she says.

Ryan confirm that, yes, sometimes he is tired.

Ryan Edwards high?

And if this "interview" wasn't golden enough already, Ryan is asked about his life plans for when Teen Mom wraps up, and his response?


Sounds good, bro.

Of course, this video will do absolutely nothing to stop the rumors that Ryan's tweaking his brains out. If anything, it will only add fuel to the fire.

And it's not as if that fire needs to be bigger in the first place: how about those other rumors that Ryan kills cats?

Ryan Edwards Gun Pic

You know, the rumors that weren't actually rumors, just something that Ryan admitted to?

He posted several pictures of guns on Instagram, and even a few pictures of actual dead cats. For real, this is something he did.

When he started getting some much-deserved hate for it, he responded to the haters with "When they start living under you house and having 100 babies that scratch your car and boat and piss on everything and get into your garbage, let me know."

"Lol and you can go to jail for vandalizing people's property and trespassing so I guess I'll call the cops next time lol. Like you ppl are stupid."

Yeah, so stupid, Ryan. Boy, you really told them.

At this point, it would actually be smarter for Ryan to admit to the drugs. At least then he'd having something to blame his behavior on besides his messed up head.

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