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On Monday, Kourtney Kardashian turned 43 and was on the receiving end of some lovely birthday tributes.

Travis Barker gushed over his gorgeous fiancee, but he was certainly not the only one.

Kim and Kourtney have found themselves at odds in the past, but Kim was piling on the compliments.

As she praised her big sister, Kim showed off photos of the two of them in tantalizing matching swimwear.

Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian in Cobalt Swimwear

Kim Kardashian used her Instagram account to share a series of pics of the pair in cobalt swimsuits.

Where Kim wore a two-piece, Kourtney was wearing a one-piece.

The sisters sizzled in the sunlight, playing in the water and posing on the beach.

Photo via Instagram

The real treasure was the caption that Kim included with her post, however.

"Each year around the sun with you I learn and grow and evolve more because of you!" Kim gushed.

"Thank you for teaching me to always go for it and follow my heart," she wrote, "even if no one else understands."

Photo via Instagram

"They just aren’t on our growth path lol," Kim laughed.

"Happy Birthday @kourtneykardash!" she declared.

"Happiness looks so good on you," Kim praised. "I love you so much!!!"

While the line about a "growth path" was deliberately goofy, most of that seemed very sincere.

Additionally, Kim’s line about happiness was an obvious reference to Kourtney’s life these days.

Kourtney’s romance with Travis has rocked her world. And yes, it does look good on her.

Photo via Instagram

Obviously, Kourtney and Kim also just look genuinely excellent in these photos.

They are both gorgeous women, though Kourtney arguably has a somewhat more "mainstream" appeal while Kim’s hourglass is more unusual.

But hey, let’s not pit MILFs against MILFs. They’re both wildly beautiful.

Photo via E!

Kourtney and Kim have pitted themselves against each other over the years, however.

Sometimes, it was more of a clash of personalities.

There were instances when Kourtney presented herself as cool-headed and mature, reminding Kim to have a sense of perspective.

Photo via E!

There were also times when they both lost their entire minds, turning reality television into a contact sport.

Whether it was concocted for ratings or happened organically or somewhere in between, that is not ideal.

Some people chalk these moments up to "sisters fight," but … to be clear, not all sisters get into physical brawls. Especially not as adults.

Photo via Getty

Kourtney is gorgeous, successful, and a loving mother … but she is very different from Kim in several ways.

She is relatively laid back, a quality that has made her much more relatable — well, for a Kardashian — than her high strung younger sister.

Lately, however, new life has sparked in Kourtney since she found love again.

Kourtney Kardashian Dines Outdoors with Travis Barker
Photo via Hulu

Travis Barker and Kourtney went from friends and neighbors to lovers.

Their whirlwind romance rocked their lives, in a good way, throughout 2021.

And last year, Travis proposed to Kourtney on the beach. She said yes.

Photo via Hulu

All of that and more will be documented on The Kardashians‘ premiere season.

We will also be following the couple on their IVF journey.

Kourtney and Travis are already parents, but now they want to have a child together.

Travis Barker and Kourtney Kardashian on The Kardashians

It’s likely that there is more to come about Kourtney and Travis’ love story.

This could include sweet moments and further conflicts with Kim.

But as this birthday tribute highlights, their bond is stronger than any fight.