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The Kardashians will premiere on Hulu this week, and there may be more ex-related drama than some viewers expect.

Ahead of the premiere, we’re already hearing details about the premiere.

Kim Kardashian opens up about Kanye West’s lingering infatuation with her, going above and beyond a normal spousal relationship.

Apparently, he offered to quit his entire career … and trade it all in to become Kim’s full-time stylist.

Ye and Ex-Wife

TMZ opened up about the first episode of The Kardashians ahead of its April 14 premiere.

During Season 1, Episode 1, viewers will see Kim rummaging through her closet.

Her goal is to find out fits for her upcoming Saturday Night Live gig — one that would prove fateful.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

As Kim looks over her options, she talks to a friend about some wardrobe choices that have already been picked out for her — by Kanye.

This is when she very casually drops a line about her ex.

"Kanye wants to quit everything and dedicate his life to being my stylist," Kim notes.

Kimye Photograph

Kim and her friend both share a laugh, as if this were a joke.

On the one hand, it could be.

But at the same time, Kanye has long enjoyed styling Kim as he sees fit, and has gone on to do the same with Chaney Jones and Julia Fox.

Chaney Jones Selfie with Kanye West
Photo via Instagram

Kanye has been dressing both of these women extensively in Balenciaga.

In the case of Chaney, Ye has taken things even further, deliberately shaping her into a Kim klone.

He even put her in the same sunglasses that Kim had been seen wearing months earlier at a similar event.

Photo via Instagram

It’s hard to say what is going through Kanye’s mind at any given moment, of course.

Perhaps he has been deliberately and consciously trying to give himself a substitute "Kim" until he can (as he hopes to) win back the real woman.

Or perhaps Kanye just has a very specific idea about what looks good and how he would like for women with him to look.

Kim Stares at Kanye

In the case of Kim, she was already a world-famous beauty when they met.

Playing "dress-up" with her must have been fun for him, since he has such strong opinions about how she might be styled.

The idea that Kim would continue to indulge him in this even months after filing for divorce … well, every relationship is different, and that includes exes.

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian on a Date
Photo via Instagram

We know that Kim’s SNL appearance was a fateful one, as sparks flew when she spent time with Pete Davidson.

He’s not just a status symbol, because that alone would not have been enough to land as many famous beauties as he has.

Pete is a genuinely funny comedian, he has been widely desired for years, and he’s no stranger to fame — a must when dating at Kim’s level.

Photo via Instagram

As for Kanye, he recently (and abruptly) dropped out of Coachella, where he had been scheduled to headline.

Reports say that Kanye is looking for a mental health facility that can offer both privacy and luxury in order to work on himself.

We wish him the best on his journey to self-betterment.