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Some love her, some like her, some think that Joy-Anna Duggar is a little corny.

There’s a whole spectrum of views, but one area where many agree is the belief that Joy-Anna may be pregnant.

Her latest social media apperances are not discouraging anyone.

Joy-Anna’s friend is stirring the pot with some new pics, and fans are holding their breath for a pregnancy announcement any day now.

Joy-Anna, Gideon

Joy-Anna recently hung ouwt with her friend, Carlin Bates.

Carlin shared pics from their girls weekend, even uploading some to social media.

Those photos have since been circulated elsewhere on social media, where longtime Duggar followers looked them over for clues.

One photos shows Carlin and Joy-Anna close together, smiling for a selfie.

Joy-Anna is clearly wearing a casual, chill outfit — a gray t-shirt, no makeup, and her hair pulled back in a bun.

Everything about the outfit screamed "momcore." Unusual for a 24-year-old, but so is a lot of Joy-Anna’s life.

"So glad I got to spend the weekend with yooou!" Carlin captioned that photo.

The next pic showed Joy-Anna from behind as she walked off pushing one-year-old Evelyn in a stroller.

"She is super mom," Carlin commented, praising Joy’s ability to multitask.

Driving with Austin

As the photos made their way to Reddit, people pointed out the obvious.

We don’t see Joy-Anna’s abdomen even once in these pics.

Her lower torso is either angled away from the camera or straight up not within the frame.

Joy-Anna Duggar Enjoys the Autumn with Gideon and Evelyn

"Joy visited Carlin this weekend, and Carlin shared only a few photos of her, from awfully careful angles…" A Reddit denizen noted.

"And y’all know Carlin usually posts the s–t out of everything. Hiding the bump?" the redditor asked.

The thread was eager to speculate as to whether Joy-Anna and Austin have a third child on the way after Gideon and Evelyn.

Joy-Anna Duggar Goes Blonde

Commenters weighed in, examining not only the pics themselves but Joy-Anna’s history of behavior.

"She stops posting altogether, or at least down to very little," one commenter recalled.

That comment continued: "So immediately, it’s the signal for pregnancy."

"Well, we know Joy took January off," another chimed in. "So, maybe Joy will announce next week."

"Looks like she’s pregnant. If she’s not, I’m sure she will be soon," another observed.

A different redditor pointed out: "Evy is like a year to almost 2 years old. It’s super possible that she’s pregnant."

Joy-Anna Duggar, Up Close

Not everyone was on board with jumping to conclusions, no matter how realistic or even likely.

"Nope. To me, it just looks like her tops are layered and have bulked up. Isn’t it winter over there?" one wrote.

It’s sort of hard to see a t-shirt as winter (or even cool spring) weather for someone who might need to layer … but it’s possible.

Joy-Anna Duggar: Pregnant With Baby #3?

As is often the case with the Duggars, so many of them are so pregnant so often that "I think that X is pregnant" often pans out.

It’s not that it’s always a safe bet, but any time that one of them is pregnant, someone has always "called" it because we know to be on the lookout for it.

These photos of Joy-Anna aren’t conclusive proof of a pregnancy, but they may be evidence, helping fans to piece together a larger picture.