Anna Duggar Leaves Truly Shocking Comment on Brother-in-Law's Instagram

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No matter what Josh Duggar does or says; no matter what law he breaks; and no matter how many people he scars in the process, one thing is evident at this point:

Anna Duggar won't leave her husband.

We can debate whether or not Anna is right for taking this stance, but various reports have claimed Anna truly believes Josh is innocent and this is just the way things are.

But is it the way things have always been?

anna and fam

Earlier this week, astute Internet users went back in time and found a photo from 2019 that features Joe Duggar and his wife, Kendra celebrating Easter.

This holiday is also known as Resurrection Day.

As you can see below, Joe is holding the couple's young son, Garrett, in his arms at the time the snapshot was taken.

Wearing his suit, Joe's face is more unshaven than usual, as he rocks a bit of stubble.

Garrett and joe

"We are so thankful we serve a God that came to earth and lived a perfect and sinless life," Joe and Kendra wrote as a caption to the image in question.

"He died the death that we deserved if we by faith trust Him as our Savior, we have the privilege of living with Him in Heaven."

Seems like the sort of thing a member of the Duggar family would say on such a religious occasion, right?

It's what Anna said in response that has taken many observers aback, though.

Anna Keller Duggar Photo

The mother of seven jumped into her brother-in-law's Comments section three years ago and made a note of hos scruffiness, stating back then:

"I like that beard, Joe."

Some took this remark to be rather cute and harmless and sweet.

Others? Not so much.

Anna Duggar and Awful Husband

One fan wrote in response to Anna complimenting her relative: “'Risking it all!' Love this take!"

Another fan added: "Careful Kendra, Anna’s coming after your man!"

A third fan mentioned: "Watch your man Kendra!"

A fourth person chimed in as follows: "This reeks of desperation from Anna." 

Josh and Anna Throwback

Yes, a bunch of people out there think Anna was coming on to Joe by giving him props on his quasi beard.

Is this somewhat of a reach?

Yes, we'd say so.

Then again, Anna trying to leave Josh and replace him with Joe would scarcely crack the Top 10 of all-time Duggar scandals. 

Anna, Josh Duggar Photo Together

Josh, of course, was convicted on two counts of child sex abuse in December.

He'll be sentenced next month to a maximum of 40 years behind bars after federal agents raided his former workplace and discovered many explicit photos and videos of children under the age of 12.

We're talking truly heinous stuff here.

Josh Duggar Parties

Nearly all of Josh's family members have distanced themselves from Josh in the wake of this scandal -- but Anna has stood by his side.

She held his hand and walked into the courthouse late last year every day of Josh's trial.

Moreover, just a few weeks ago, she wrote on Instagram that there's more to the story of what transpired at Josh's used car dealership when it comes to those disgusting photos and videos.

She didn't provide any sort of evidence to back up this claim -- and a jury of Josh's peers unanimously disagreed back on December 9 when they handed down theirr guilty verdict.

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