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It’s been four months since Josh Duggar was convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography.

During that time, Josh’s wife, Anna has unsurprisingly maintained a very low profile, generally steering clear of social media and large gatherings.

But it seems that she was inspired to end her self-imposed exile last month.

Jeremiah Duggar married Hannah Wissmann on March 26, and insiders have now revealed that Anna was in attendance for her brother-in-law’s big day.

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While there have been many rumors and unconfirmed reports about the nature of Anna’s relationship with the Duggars, this is the first clear indication that she’s still on good terms with Josh’s family.

Anna’s attendance at the wedding was confirmed this week by a user on the r/DuggarSnark subreddit who spotted the mother of seven in a video of the wedding that was posted on YouTube.

The user speculated that Anna was seated next to her eldest son, Michael.

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It’s unclear if her other children were in attendance.

The fact that Anna received an invitation is obviously an indication that she’s at least on civil terms with the Duggars.

But as one commenter noted, she seemed to keep her distance from the rest of the family during the ceremony.

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"Why is Anna sitting so far back from the main family?" this person asked.

"Probably to avoid cameras," another user suggested.

Others noted that Josh often distanced himself from other family members at weddings and other gatherings.

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After it was revealed that he had molested five young girls but before he was arrested on child pornography charges, Josh would maintain distance from his siblings at such events, largely so that TLC could film without needing to edit him out later.

It’s possible that the practice has become habit for Anna, who sat apart from the family so as to avoid Hannah and Jeremiah’s photographers.

It’s also possible, of course, that Anna was there solely for the benefit of the young couple and had no interest in interacting with Josh’s parents, with whom she is reportedly at odds.

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At least one insider has denied those reports, insisting that Anna is still on speaking terms with all of her in-laws.

“Josh’s troubles may have splintered the family into taking sides,” a source close to the situation tells In Touch.

“But there’s one person who the majority of them continue to support — that’s Anna," the insider adds.

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“She does talk to Michelle and some of her sisters-in-law. She’s been spending more time with her family.”

As for how Anna seemed to be holding up and how long she stayed at the reception — well, that information is hard to come by at the moment.

Due in large part to the Josh scandals, Hannah and Jeremiah’s wedding was a secretive affair, and attendees have been tight lipped in the weeks since.

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“Today was a perfect day, as we stood before our family and friends and committed our lives to each other,” Jeremiah and Hannah told Us Weekly immediately after the wedding.

“It was such a beautiful culmination of so many prayers, dreams, and desires! As we’ve seen God’s gracious hand in bringing our lives together, we are excited to see how He will continue to direct our paths," the couple continued.

"We are looking forward to sharing our married journey with you. Thank you for sharing our joy!”

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Perhaps in time, we’ll learn more about the wedding and Anna’s attendance.

But for now, the Duggars have circled the wagons and are proving that they’re capable of maintaining a surprising degree of privacy when they want to.