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Clayton Echard is aghast.

And he also seems pretty darn angry.

On Saturday, the very recent Bachelor lead shared an Instagram video in response to a brand new rumor that he cheated on girlfriend Susie Evans.

Echard and Evans announced on last month’s After the Final Rose special that they had reconciled after filming ended and were now in a committed relationship.

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard Together

Late last week, however, a TikTok user named Sasha Narang uploaded her own video… in which she detailed an alleged hookup with Clayton.

"um so I think I just ended the bachelor’s marriage last night (i had no idea) (wtf)," Narang said to open this footage, which has been viewed overr 700,000 times.

In her video, Narang claimed that she met Echard in a New Yok City bar; that he made the first move; and that he flirted with her by asking if she watched The Bachelor.

She then insinuated that the two slept together.

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard

"He was very, like, sneaky, meaning he was very adamant about being quiet," Narang continued.

"Right when it was time for me to go he made it very clear I couldn’t stay over."

Narang added that she messaged Echard’s girlfriend, Susie Evans, and provided "evidence."

It didn’t take long for Clayton to clap back at the allegation, however.

“People that make these false accusations should be held accountable,” the former football player wrote in a caption on Instagram, adding of the aforementioned TikToker:

“Trying to gain clout by ruining a relationship is embarrassing and extremely immature.”

Echard then went through his iPhone settings to his Significant Locations, which he said proved that he was at an Arizona-based gym on Friday night, the same day Narang claims he approached her.

"I can’t believe I’m addressing this," he said.

"This is ridiculous, but let’s just make this as easy as possible."

Evans and Echard may not be the most popular pairing to arise from a Bachelor season, not after Echard slept with his two other finalists, told each that he loved her and then broke up with them both in favor of Evans.

But Clayton still has his defenders within Bachelo Nation.

“It does not add up: there are receipts [and] Clayton is a good human being,” Michael Allio, who competed on The Bachelorette season 17, said in a video on his own Story, noting that it’s “wrong” of fans to comment on this matter.

“I know him [and] he’s a friend of mine.

"This is the flip side of what people do not see, which is, anyone can make these false accusations against you. You can’t defend yourself.

"Their comments hurt people’s character, they disrupt people’s lives [and] they should not be entertained."

In a statement to The Insider, meanwhile, Narang said she stands by her initial comments.

"I expected a response and was told to prepare for massive backlash from the fan base. I underestimated this.

"I’m just as confused as everyone and truly didn’t understand the relevance of this guy.

"If I had, I would have gone about this differently," she wrote.

Susie Evans and Clayton Echard in Bed

Concluded Narang:

"However, that doesn’t change my story. Again, I do not watch the show nor have I ever kept up with it and I had no idea who this guy was until two nights ago.

"The name that was revealed in the comments was not posted by me, I was out with my friends who are as shocked as me and they were feeding into the comments and responding for fun.

"All the comments they made have been deleted. I am doing my best to handle this."