Amber Heard Threw Can of Paint Thinner at Johnny Depp, Called Him Fat Old Man, Witness Claims

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The Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial entered its third week on Monday, and the bonkers allegations and revelations continue to fly at a furious pace.

During Depp's time on the stand, he claimed that Heard cut off part of his finger, punched him, stubbed out a cigarette on his face, and defecated in his bed.

During cross-examination, attorneys for Heard alleged that it was Depp who put out a cigarette on Heard, and the actress is expected to make further accusations when she takes the stand herself.

In the meantime, several other witnesses have testified to the behavior they witnessed during Depp and Heard's brief marriage, including Tara Roberts, the manager of Depp's estate in the Bahamas.

Depp-Heard Court

She says that in the early days of their relationship, Depp and Heard were "very nice, a couple in love, she cooked for him, they took care of each other, they were a very happy couple," 

Roberts was no mere groundskeeper, and her relationship with Johnny and Amber was clearly more than professional -- she even testified that she was responsible for procuring drugs for the couple's 2015 wedding.

On the stand, Roberts recalled "an incident between Johnny and Amber" that allegedly went down in December 2015.

Depp Testifies

She told the court that the trouble began when a distraught Depp showed up at her office on his property one evening.

Heard arrived moments later, imploring Depp to return to the main house.

"He stood here, reluctant to go, didn't want to go. He left the office and got into his vehicle, started it up and Amber stood in front of the vehicle so it didn't drive away," Roberts continued.

Amber Heard Outside of Courthouse

"She was asking him, 'Don't leave, I'm sorry, come back to the house.' After a couple minutes, she got in the vehicle and they left to go back up to the house."

Roberts and a co-worker eventually decided to go to the main house themselves in order to check on the couple.

From outside, she heard "Amber yelling and Johnny answering back."

Johnny Depp In Court

"We stood there for a couple minutes and then you started to hear, it became audible, Amber was telling him he was a washed up actor, he was gonna die a fat, lonely old man. Then you heard Johnny say, 'You hit me with a can,'" the manager continued.

"He came down the steps, Amber was behind him, she had a bottle in her hand," added Roberts.

She further alleged that Amber "started to grab at him ... viciously trying to pull him back and get him back in the house."

Amber Heard In Court

Roberts recalled that she started "getting worried about what was going to happen" and decided "it was best that I remove him from the situation."

She added that during a later search of the property, she found a can of mineral spirits of the variety that Depp claimed Heard had struck him with.

Roberts stated that a mark on the bridge of Depp's nose was still visible the next day, while there were Heard showed no signs of injury.

Johnny Depp on the Stand

During cross-examination, Heard's lawyers asked Roberts about an incident in which she arranged transportation off of the island for Depp's two children, who allegedly became "upset" while spending time with the actor.

I don't know if Lily Rose and Jack were upset. I do know that I did arrange for transportation off the island at the time," Roberts recalled.

Roberts confirmed that Depp "was passed out on the beach" at the time, but she said she had no recollection of how his children reacted.

Johnny Depp at Court

The property manager added that she "brushed him up and I left him underneath the -- I believe he was on a hammock, he had fallen asleep and the hammock overturned -- I brushed him off and left him underneath the lanai with Jack."

Heard's attorneys seemingly mentioned the incident with the goal of establishing Depp's history of drug and alcohol abuse.

And there will likely be more such allegations when Heard takes the stand.

We'll have further updates on this developing story as more information becomes available.

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