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In March of 2021, Tori Roloff suffered a miscarriage.

This was a tragic loss for her and for her husband, Zach.

Now, Tori is again pregnant and looking radiant in her third trimester.

One year after her miscarriage, however, she is reflecting upon that heartbreak.

Tori Roloff Cradles Her Third Trimester Baby Bump in Black and White

On Thursday, March 10, Tori Roloff shared a black-and-white photo of her baby bump alongside a moving caption.

"It’s been exactly one year since we found out we lost our sweet baby," she began.

"I still haven’t fully recovered from that experience," Tori admitted.

"And to be honest," Tori confessed, "I don’t know that I ever will."

She expressed: "Having a miscarriage was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to face personally."

"And," Tori wrote, "I really could not have gotten through it without God’s promise, or my husband and kids."

Tori Roloff Sizzles

"I still remember a sermon @josezayas gave," Tori recalled.

She specified that this was "when we were in another season of waiting."

"And," Tori detailed, she and Zach were at that time "wondering if we’d ever be blessed with another child."

Tori Roloff, Pregnant, With 2 Kids

"He talked about Hannah," Tori noted, referring to a narrative from the Book of Samuel, part of the Nevi’im portion fo the Tanakh and Old Testament.

"Now Hannah didn’t have kids at the time but instead of rejecting God for it," she noted.

Tori continued: "She was obedient and prayed to have a child — to not be forgotten."

"God was faithful to her and she later had a child named, Samuel (meaning heard by God)," Tori wrote.

"I remember praying every night to not be forgotten, like Hannah," she said.

"I sit here typing this one year later and VERRRRRY pregnant with a healthy baby," Tori pointed out.

"I wasn’t forgotten," Tori affirmed.

"I am so grateful for God’s goodness," she expressed.

"And," Tori continued, "the gift we’ve been given after such a time of grief."

Tori Roloff Maternity Picture

"I’ve been so much more appreciative of the aches and pains of pregnancy," Tori shared with her fans and followers.

This newfound appreciation came "because I’ve realize just how much of a gift it truly is."

"To any mamas out there who have walked this same path (some much worse than us)," Tori wrote, "I pray you are not forgotten."

Tori Roloff in the Snow

"I pray that you continue to be faithful and obedient and never give up hope!" Tori told her followers.

"I pray you can find strength in any storm you’re going through," she expressed.

"And," Tori went on, "that at the end of it you find God’s goodness!"

"To all past present and future mamas: I see you!" Tori concluded her beautiful caption.

That is so sweet and so touching.

While a loss is still a loss no matter what, finding perspective and affirmation and hope in the aftermath is what allows people to cope.

Tori, Kids, Beach!

Across thousands of years and countless cultures and faiths, people have used religion and spirituality to cope with loss and to hope for more.

Devotional objects related to prayers for healthy children are among the most ancient man-made objects in the world.

Tori’s struggle is not new and it’s not unique, and it’s inspiring that she is sharing her message of hope with her fans and followers.