The Bachelor Spoilers: Yes, the Season Finale is Gonna Be Lit!

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We know you've heard it before.

We know it's rarely been accurate.

But these Bachelor spoilers appear, at last, to have been verified.

And the hype of an historic, unprecedented, hold-on-to-your-butts-because-this-is-gonna-be-insane season finale is not, for once, an exaggeration.

Clayton Echard, In Thought

Get ready, folks.

On Tuesday night's emotional (and red hot!) episode of The Bachelor, Clayton Echard slept with Gabby and Rachel in their respective Fantasy Suites, gushing over each experience the following mornings.

But the 28-year old then sat across from Susie for his third date, telling the wedding videographer that he was "in love" with her.

Blown away by this bombshell, Susie replied with one basic question: What happened between you and those other women?!?

clayton and also susie

"Yes, I have slept with someone else here, and yes, I've expressed feeling towards someone else with falling in love," Clayton replied, much to Susie's horror.

"If you feel like you're in love with me, it doesn't make sense to me to sleep with somebody else," she said in a reasonable response.

Echard hemmed and hawed and tried to argue that he's the most in love with Susie, but she simply wasn't having it.

"I probably should've had that conversation just about what sex means to me earlier on but I didn't know that you were feeling so strongly," Susie said on air. "I don't feel like I can leave here with you."

susie cries

And she didn't.

With that, Susie left the show, prompting Clayton to claim "my heart's not in it anymore."

Here's the thing, though:


the three women

In his latest blog entry, this spoiler guru and Bachelor expert explains that Susie is somehow convinced to stick around.

No one is entirely sure just how Susie is convinced, but remember: these episodes were filmed in Iceland. So it's not like she could just hitch a quick ride home.

As for the historic nature of the upcoming finale, which will air over two nights on March 14 and March 15?

At the final rose ceremony, [Susie] rejects Clayton’s proposal, and Clayton left Iceland single, writes Reality Steve.

susie cries

If this truly is the outcome, it will mark the first time ever that a Bachelor or Bachelorette finalist turned down a proposal.

Last week, on the Women Tell All special, Echard was asked if he's happy with the results of the season-ender, and he responded:

“I don’t think anyone expected it to end the way that it did, including myself, nor did I want it to be that way. There was a lot of things that I just never would’ve thought would’ve happened the way they did.

"So everyone will be kind of surprised. I wish it could have went any other direction, but it went the direction that it did. Ultimately, I had to react accordingly.”

clayton balcony

Sure sounds like confirmation of what Reality Steve just reported, doesn't it?

As far as this journalist knows, Gabby and Rachel are definitely "out of the picture" at this point and, yes, it's possible that Clayton and Susie didn't get engaged... yet are a committed couple.

Steve thinks this is highly unlikely, however.

Bachelor Trio

Speaking to Glamour in an interview this week, meanwhile, host Jesse Palmer said the following:

It's not over yet. I thought it was done when we wrapped it; I swear to God, I thought it was finished. And I'm learning every day new information. I don't know how this is going to end. None of us do.

We're going to go into this two-night live event After the Final Rose literally not knowing who he ends up with or what's going to happen. That's what we mean when we say that people are going to see things they've never seen before.

We're really sort of all on the edge of our seats, and we can't wait.

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