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We have all recoiled in horror at the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Numerous 90 Day Fiance stars spoke out as cities were shelled, homes were bombed, and occupied cars were crushed by tanks.

As the civilian death toll enters the thousands, many fans have thought of Natalie and especially her sweet, elderly mother.

Her mother has now escaped the slaughter and is safe elsewhere in Europe, but many of Natalie’s friends remain in the war zone.

Natalie Mordovtseva sobs 01 of 04

Natalie Mordovtseva is safe in the United States, and was since long before Russian troops launched their invasion of her home country.

However, since February 24, many 90 Day Fiance fans have been asking about Natalie’s mother, Nelia.

No matter what any of us thought of Natalie, of Mike, or their toxic relationship, we all developed a lot of affection for her mother over the years.

Natalie Mordovtseva mom Nelia - how are things with Michael?

This week, Natalie took to her Instagram Story to deliver the small piece of good news.

"My mom is safe from today morning," she revealed.

Natalie detailed: "She made it to Europe with some other families."

"Unfortunately, [all my] friends are locked [in] that hell," Natalie lamented.

"Every night," she shared, "they telling me that they gonna die."

Natalie expressed: "I’m suffering with my people."

Natalie Mordovtseva Tells All

The invasion began nearly one week ago.

At this point, Natalie’s friends — like most remaining in Ukraine — are likely suffering from sleep deprivation.

It is difficult to sleep through the night when you are constantly awoken by the sound of bombings.

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Hopefully, Natalie’s friends will be able to leave soon, even if they must walk most of the way to the border of Poland.

Last week, Ukrainian forces heroically defended their homes and families, striking unexpected blows against the Russian advance.

Unfortunately, the response has been an escalation in violence, as it seems that Russia aims to seize the country at any cost.

Natalie Mordovtseva returns for her things

Natalie, like the rest of us, knows that this unprovoked aggression does not reflect the intentions of the Russian people.

One madman ordered the invasion of Ukraine, seeking to annex the sovereign nation as part of his dire ambition of rebuilding the USSR.

Though it seems that no sanction or condemnation will dissuade Vladimir Putin from reducing Ukraine to rubble and ash, Americans from Ukraine are speaking out.

One of the most outspoken 90 Day Fiance stars has been Yara Zaya.

She is a relatively recent addition to the cast and a fan favorite.

Long before this horror unfolded, Yara had spoken fondly of her love for Ukraine. She still has many friends in Kyiv.

Yara Zaya IG en route to interview, Ukraine flag attire

"Honestly, everything is going on so crazy," Yara stated recently.

"​​I would never think before that in 2022 that something can happen like this," she admitted.

Yara shared: "My family and my friends are super scared."

"They’re terrified, they can’t sleep," Yara noted.

"They [scared] that if they fall asleep, they will not wake up," she explained.

"It’s just too much they’re going through a lot right now," Yara characterized.

Yara Zaya IG this s--t is real, please pray for Ukraine

"My mom live in West [Ukraine], like so far away near the Hungarian border," Yara noted.

"I’m like, ‘Hey guys, you need to leave to my mom’s house because its more safe place for you to be right there,’" Yara noted.

"They tried to leave, but there was too big a line to get petrol there. . .then the city closed," Yara added. "They needed to stay home."

Yara Zaya IG I never thought this could happen in my country; explosions wake up my friends

"My parents cannot come here," Yara lamented. "Honestly, it’s just impossible right now."

She shared: "My mom was wanting to come here, but right before she was supposed to come here, the embassies closed."

"For now, it’s just impossible," Yara acknowledged.

Yara Zaya IG I couldn't visit Ukraine for 2.5 years, was planning to go in March

"My mom is safe, but the rest of my family, not really," Yara revealed. "They are still in Ukraine."

"My sister have a child, and he is almost 18," she said. "He’s just such a kid, and I’m scared he will need to join the army because he cannot protect himself."

Yara lamented: "He doesn’t want to go and fight. He can protect nothing. He is just a kid."

Yara Zaya IG my Ukraine ...

Our thoughts are with the courageous people of Ukraine who are fighting a seemingly hopeless war against a relentless enemy.

Our hearts go out to all of the victims who have died so far in this conflict — with estimates of over 2,000 Ukrainian civilians murdered in less than a week.

We hope that Yara and Natalie’s friends and loved ones, along with millions of others, can escape from this horror.