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Unexpected kicked off a brand new season on Sunday night, March 6.

And, as has often been the case with TLC’s answer to Teen Mom, the new season has brought with it brand new cast members as well.

Perhaps the young woman set to make the strongest impact on viewers is Kylen Smith.

Let’s get to know her down below, shall we?

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Smith is a 17-year old from New Hampshire who, on air, is expecting her first child with boyfriend Jason Korpi. (In real time/real life, Kyle and Jason welcomed a son named Xavier in August 2021.)

The main contention on Unexpected Season 5 between Smith and Korpi actually centers more on Korpi and Kylen’s parents than on anything between the couple itself.

“My baby’s having a baby,” Kylen’s dad, Michael, said in a confessional scene on Sunday’s premiere, for example.

But it was then made clear that Jason has no real interest in letting these grandparents get very close to their daughter during her pregnancy.

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In another season premiere scene, Michael and Kylen’s mom pulled up at her and Jason’s home… as Michael complained about losing out on experiencing milestones in his child’s pregnancy with his grandson.

“I want to see the belly move when it kicks, we’re missing all that cause we don’t get to see her,” Michael lamented.

From there, Michael confronted Jason about the lack of time he gets to spend with Kylen.

“I’m just like an independent person,” Jason tried to explain to his quasi father-in-law, to very little success.

“Staying away from your family is not being independent, that’s being a jackass,” Michael fired back.

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The premiere eventually made it clear that Michael truly is a jackass.

In a tense moment at the hospital, while KYLEN WAS IN LABOR, she begged her boyfriend, “Can you please come here?”

Jason barely even looked up from her phone in response, asking if Kylen was gonna get an epidural.

She said no, and Jason then said the same: No, he would not get up and go near his girlfriend in that very important, tense and personal moment.

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Things got so explosive that security was called to Kylen’s delivery room, where they escorted Jason out of the hospital and to the parking lot.

“It makes me want to cry that I can’t see my kid come into this world,” Jason told Kylen on the phone from his car, not taking any responsibility at all for his heinous behavior.

Along with Kylen and Jason, Unexpected Season 5 features:

  • Tyra Boisseau and boyfriend Alex Wilson.
  • Tiarra Boisseau and boyfriend Dee Ragland.
  • Taylor Williams and Noah Whitt.
  • Lilly Bennett and fiancé Lawrence Bishop.
  • Jenna Ronan and ex-boyfriend Aden Albright.
  • Emersyn Potter and boyfriend Mason Ramirez.