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She’s outta there, folks.

But for how long?!?

On Tuesday night, MTV aired a new episode of Teen Mom 2, with viewers quickly noticing something amiss:

Kailyn Lowry didn’t appear at any point during the dramatic installment.

Kailyn Lowry in 2022

According to producers, Lowry arrived at the decision to skip out on filming herself after learning that co-star and bitter enemy Briana DeJesus would be teaming up with Kailyn’s two-time baby daddy, Chris Lopez, for a podcast.

About parenting.

Lowry and Lopez have been in a feud ever since welcoming first son Lux, despite eventually reconnecting just long enough (while Kailyn had an order of protection out again Lopez!) to make a second child.

As for Lowry and DeJesus?

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Kailyn filed a defamation lawsuit against Briana last year after DeJesus went public with allegedly false allegations about her rival in connection with a domestic violence arrest.

To bring things full and depressing circle, these allegations were related to an incident between Lowry and Lopez amid rumorrs that Kailyn punched and shoved Chris amid a dispute of their first son.

Most recently?

DeJesus asked for a restraining order again Lowry.

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This brings us back to Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom 2.

It featured Briana and Chris finally meeting in person, after exchanging DMs over social media, and the former planning to join the latter on his podcast.

"I wanna steer away from her as much as possible. I am going through a lawsuit with her," Briana said about their mutual foe the two spoke before recording together.

"It’s crazy, because now I have a lawyer."

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Lopez could relate.

"I’ve been defending myself for like the last four years," he explained, adding that he had tried to be kind the mother of two of his children, but said of Lowry:

"You only can handle so much. I became real, real angry throughout all this.

Briana and Chris (who some believe have slept together) eventually went into "rage room" together, an act that concerned Briana’s then-boyfriend Javi Gonzalez… who clearly didn’t trust her to keep things platonic.

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After recording the podcast as a pair, Briana went back home, where she said she was glad the two were able to meet, "even if it makes the situation with me complicated," she admitted.

"I was nervous it was going to be weird," she said on air.

"I told Javi everything, where I was, what I was doing. He told me he didn’t know I was doing all the extra stuff, like rage room…

"I’m not trying to get under anyone’s skin, but I guess people will feel like that."

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For her part, Briana’s sister, Brittany, saw no reason to take Kailyn’s feelings or reactions into account.

"Everything makes Kail upset, Kail’s never happy," Brittany said.

"She looks at people as if they’re her f—ing territory."

While Briana was confident they would "all get over it," Lowry evidently drew a line with production after discovering Lopez would be on the show.

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"After the podcast was recorded, Kail learned Chris was participating in the series. She informed production that she will no longer be filming," read a slate at the end of the hour.

Lowry also took to Twitter to confirm it was her decision to stop filming.

"I *believe* I’m not in tonight’s episode tonight – I believe there are 5-6 episodes I’m not on #teenmom2," she wrote.

"Also – this was by choice – was just letting y’all know."

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Will she ever return?

It’s unclear at the moment.

But Lowry also responded (as you can see above) to a Tweet from a viewer who said it seemed like Briana and Lopez were only linking up "to do a podcast off mutual hate for someone else.

Amen, replied Lowry.