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When we last reported on a Seeking Sister Wife Season 3 cast member, we asked the following question:

What happened to Dimtri Snowden?

The general consensus among readers at the time seemed to be a collective shrug — they didn’t really care what happened to Snowden… as long as he was off their television screens.

If authorities were looking into the abuse allegations against Snowden and there was a potential for his arrest? Hey, even better!

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Just like Snowden, meanwhile, Colton Winder was also featured as the head of a household on Seeking Sister Wife Season 3.

Unlike Snowden, however, Colton Winder seems to be fairly-well liked. At least as far as polygamous husbands go.

We’ve heard very little from Winder since filming on his episodes aired last year, but it sounds like the reality star has a pretty good reason for his silence:

He and his two spouses, Tami and Sophie, have been busy at home — caring for two babies born during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Indeed, a month after the Season 3 finale, Colton announced that Sophie was pregnant for the second time with a baby girl.

Then, on November 10, Colton jumped on Instagram to share news of the birth of his third child and second daughter, Isabella Grace Winder.

"We’re so grateful she has joined our family, now especially in this month of thankfulness and gratitude," wrote the TLC personality at the time.

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In the months since Isabella’s entered the world, Colton has continued to celebrate his expanding family on social media.

Just a couple weeks ago, on Valentine’s Day, Winder reaffirmed his follower’s faith in him when he praised both of his wives for the work they put into his family, asserting his affection for his pair of spouses.

"They are my greatest blessings, my greatest supporters, and the most beautiful women I’ve ever known," Colton wrote as a caption to the following snapshot.

"Their relationship with each other is a manifestation to me of Christlike love, and their grace and capacity for caring is astounding."

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For the most part, there you have it.

As far as we can tell, Colton is not in the market for a third wife these days.

He’s fortunate enough to have found a pair of women who are content with this lifestyle and content with their husband, feeling an endless amount of love from Colton as the years go on.

(And as the babies are born!)

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“If I’m being honest, it was something that I didn’t think would happen until we died and went to heaven,” Tami once said on an episode of Seeking Sister Wife, adding of polygamy:

“Part of our belief is that we are preparing to become gods and goddesses of our own worlds.

"We believe that there’s no better way to become my God than plural marriage because we believe God lives plural marriage as well.”

In related news, Seeking Sister Wife has not yet been renewed for Season 4.