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The ups and downs of Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith’s toxic marriage seemed unending.

These days, however, it looks like the long international nightmare is really over (except for the messy divorce part).

Tiffany has been working on her revenge body after an insane glow-up.

She’s showing off her dramatic new look and has 90 Day Fiance fans falling over themselves to sing her praises.

Photo via Instagram

Tiffany Franco has always been one of the most gorgeous ladies to grace our screens on 90 Day Fiance.

Recently, her body transformation journey has been kickstarted after undergoing weight loss surgery early this summer.

In December, Tiffany shared that she had lost a whopping 61 pounds.

Photo via Instagram

We have, without exaggeration, lost count of the number of times that Tiffany and Ronald have split and reconciled.

It’s true that, for the most part, Tiffany comes across as the more sympathetic party — she’s more responsible and emotionally stable.

Even so, she and Ronald both show themselves at their worst during these nasty splits.

Photo via Instagram

Late last summer, it was revealed that Tiffany and Ronald broke up.

Like every other split, these two grown adults with kids could not manage to keep things amicable or even quiet.

Tiffany blasted Ronald as "cancer," which — however accurate — did not cast her in a positive light.

Ronald quickly evened the playing field, clapping back at Tiffany.

He called her a manipulative liar.

He also found himself a girlfriend, posting gratuitous PDA like a horny teenager.

Then, just a few weeks ago, Tiffany Franco reported that she and Ronald were working on their relationship.

We’d call it "stunning," but past reconciliations had come after equally ugly public squabbles.

There was nothing surprising or unprecedented about the pendulum of their toxic relationship swinging back and forth yet again.

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What did come as a surprise, however, was the fiery Instagram denial that followed.

The report about their reconciliation wasn’t speculation or from an "inside source," it came directly from Tiffany.

But Ronald called Tiffany a liar (and not for the first time), insisting that there was no such reconciliation.

Instead, he said that it was "news to him" and insisted that he and Tiffany were still exes.

One has to wonder what was really happening here.

It’s hard to imagine Tiffany lying to In Touch Weekly for no reason, but the alternative would mean Ronald being back with her but lying about it.

The first possibility is that Tiffany, for reasons known only to her, decided to throw away her credibility forever with a lie about her life.

You can lie on camera all that you want. You lie in a statement to a blog, you don’t get believed again for a long time.

What could motivate that? A desire to prank Ronald? A desire to interfere in his new romance?

Tiffany Franco acknowledges couples shouldn't have this much conflict

The second possibility is that Ronald was lying, and that he and Tiffany really were working on getting back together.

One has to assume that his denials would ruin any chances of a reconciliation if one were happening.

Secret relationships rarely work out, especially when the two are estranged spouses already, you know?

Tiffany Franco characterizes herself as having been a blessing in Ronald's life

There is a third option, which is that both parties were being shady.

We know from Tiffany’s past statements that she and Ronald had "chats" (of the unclothed variety) even after their split.

Is it possible that they had a conversation under private, horny circumstances — one that Ronald went on to deny under the sober light of day? We just don’t know.