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One of the wildest hot mic moments in Housewives history aired over the weekend.

After Lisa Barlow ranted about Meredith Marks, Meredith went on Watch What Happens Live to discuss the matter.

With so much attention on Meredith in that moment, some couldn’t help but notice that her face looked … different.

Meredith adamantly denies that she had a cosmetic procedure, but does admit that she looked a little "swollen."

Meredith Marks on WWHL (01 of 02) 30 January 2022

"As I am being asked about my swollen face on #WWHL," Meredith Marks tweeted on Tuesday, February 1.

"Yes my face was swollen that day," she acknowledged.

"No it was not a cosmetic procedure," Meredith clarified. 

"You can see on my insta story pic taken the next day where the swelling is down," Meredith reassured her fans.

"I am human," she added, both defensively but also a little like a robot imposter might claim. (We joke!)

"Not every day is perfect," Meredith concluded. "Sorry."

As for why she was chatting with Andy in the first place, that tied to her Cinco de Mayo dinner on RHOSLC.

At that time, Lisa Barlow felt that Meredith was being extremely disrespectful by not holding Mary Cosby to the same standards as everyone else.

During the dinner, and without attracting much notice from her castmates, Lisa had enough and stormed off.

Obviously, there was more eating at Lisa than Meredith not pointing out Mary’s bad behavior.

She didn’t explain that to Lisa, or to the viewers.

Instead, Lisa stomped into a room, slammed the door, and ranted furiously … all the while, still equipped with her mic.

"Meredith can go f–k herself, I’m done with her," Lisa declared.

Her voice had the tone of someone on edge, practically shaking with fury, their anger the only thing keeping tears at bay.

She went on: "’Cause I’m not a f–king whore and I don’t cheat on my husband."

"Her and her dumb f–king family that poses," Lisa hissed.

"Why don’t you own a house? Wait, you can’t," she claimed.

Speaking only to herself, Lisa shaded: "’Cause your husband changes jobs every five minutes?"

"Fake Meredith is a piece of s–t," Lisa spat.

"’I have your back,’ I’m offended by that. F–k you!" she yelled.

Lisa continued to spiral and rant: "That f–king piece of s–t garbage whore. I f–king hate her!"

"She’s a whore. She’s f–ked half of New York!" Lisa announced.

"She can go f–k herself," she concluded.

That’s … a tremendous amount of anger and a lot of allegations, vague though they may be.

Then, in a moment that seemed destined to become a meme, Lisa threw open the door.

Only half-dressed, she threw something to the producer.

Lisa simply told production: "Here, you can have your mic back!"

"I’m trying to still decipher that," Meredith admitted on Watch What Happens Live after reliving the rant.

"When Lisa apologized to me later on, she told me that somebody told her that I said her house was ugly," she explained.

"And," Meredith added, "that’s why she felt that that tirade was justified. I don’t really understand that, that seems quite vapid to me."

Perhaps Lisa offered a better explanation when they filmed the Reunion.

After all, apparently Meredith saw that footage for the first time just one day before the Reunion was filmed.

It must have been fresh in everyone’s minds when they sat down to chat.