Jacob Roloff: Might He Actually Take Over the Family Farm?

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Little People, Big World... huge news on tap?

Based on recent social media posts, along with a number of dots fans of this reality show have been trying to connect of late, there's a growing belief out there that Matt Roloff may retire in the near future.

But he won't hand his family's farm in Oregon over to son Jeremy, as many observers once believed.

Nor will the property go to Jeremy's twin, Zach.

jacob and dad

Instead, there's growing consensus across the Internet that Jacob Roloff will one day be in charge of pumpkin season and other key aspects of Roloff Farms.

The youngest of Matt and Amy Roloff's four children, Jacob no longer appears on Little People, Big World.

He walked away in the summer of 2016 and later accused a TLC producer of molesting him as a child many years ago.

Just this past December, Jacob and his wife, Isabel, welcomed their first child into the world, a son named Mateo.

Jacob and Isabel Roloff Pic

While the couple had mostly spent the previous few years traveling across the Pacific Northwest in an RV, it's safe to assume they'll need to settle down now that they have a baby.

Hence, one reason why these fans think Jacob could be headed toward farm ownership.

There's also been a noticable uptick in how much time Jacob has actually been spending on the farm with his dad, who has documented these recent experiences on Instagram.

Matt and Jacob Roloff

"It's a beautiful day on the farm. Jacob is trying to fix something, Isabel came out to take the little guy on a walk, and I'm just showing you how beautiful it is today," Matt wrote last month, for example.

He continued at the time, flipping the camera to selfie mode to show him sitting in the farm tractor:

"Just sitting here trying to get some work done.

"Got in late from Arizona last night."

Matt Roloff on Tractor

Ah, yes, Arizona.

Matt and girlfriend Caryn Chandler purchased a house there a couple years ago.

There's been speculation ever since that Matt was thinking of retirement -- he just isn't sure who ought to take over the farm whenever this day comes.

If it ever comes, that is.

Caryn with Matt R

"We haven’t settled what we’re going to do with the farm. It’s all being discussed actively," Matt told interested followers in May 2021.

Around that same time, Audrey Roloff wrote that not buying the farm was the “death of a dream.”

Last month, meanwhile, Matt listed himself as both the President and Secretary of Roloff Farms on the company's annual business report.

It doesn't sound like he's going anywhere any time soon.

Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff Confess

Zach and Tori Roloff, for their part, just purchased a new home, making it clear they won't be moving to the farm... ever, it seems.

“Some things just don’t go according to plan," Tori said via her Instagram Story, citing the famiily business, after she and her husband made this home-buying decision.

Added Tori:

"But it all worked out for us.”

Jacob Roloff and Isabel Rock and Dogs

So this brings us back to Jacob.

"Is Jacob the one to get the farmhouse?" asked a social media user the other day, prompting this response from someone else:

"That's up to Matt if and when the time comes. Matt's still going to build his dream home on the property."

A third fan seemed confused by the whole situation, joining this conversation and adding:

"I cannot believe Zach left the farm and Jacob took over. I really thought Zach would co-own."

Jacob and Isabel Roloff in Black/White

To be clear, Jacob has not yet taken anything over.

Might he someday?


But we cannot say for certain at this time.

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