Kim Kardashian Posts Racy Selfies, Hints at Pete Davidson Sex Marathon on Instagram

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At this point, the whole world knows that Kim Kardashian is banging Pete Davidson.

We progressed through the stages of realization together, as a society:

It began with disbelief after Kim hosted SNL back in October, then we moved on to acceptance, and now we're all imagining scenarios in which Pete attempts to talk Kim into naming their baby after his favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

Okay, we might be the only ones who have reached that last stage ...


The point is, this relationship is no secret.

And yet, neither party has spoken publicly about it yet -- which is why fans are dissecting Kim's latest bikini photo for clues as to what's going on.

Much has been made of the photo below and the fact that the baseball cap in Kim's hand has the letter "P" embroidered on it.

Kim Kardashian and a Hat

Many jumped to the conclusion that it belongs to Pete, but unless dude is either 8 years old and/or a character on Alvin and the Chipmunks, he's probably not in the habit of wearing clothes that are emblazoned with his first initial.

But the "P" plot thickened -- yes, we're sorry for the way that sounds -- when fans spotted Kim's caption on the post.

"Beach [P emoji]arty," she she wrote.

Kim Kardashian Wears a Hat

Yes, instead of just typing "P" like a normal person who's not speaking in code, Kim went clicked on the little globe next to her keyboard and busted out the big blue letter "P" emoji.

In a relationship that's as enshrouded in secrecy as this one, that's a pretty big deal.

It comes on the heels fan speculation that Pete snapped the bikini photos that Kim has been posting to her page.

Kim Kardashian and a Photographer's Shadow

She posted the caption knowing about that theory, and knowing how her comment would be received.

Few people on the planet are more social media-savvy than Kim, so if it seems like she's subtly trying to send a message -- wll, that's probably exactly what's happening.

It might be a long, long time before either of these lovebirds feels comfortable discussing their relationship publicly.

Kim Kardashian Rises from the Sea

Hell, given Pete's track record, this romance might come to an end without either side breathing a word about it.

But for now, these two are going to great lengths to make things work.

Pete is tethered to NYC due to his SNL gig, and Kim is a billionaire MILF with four kids and like 40 businesses to run.

Pete Davidson Smokes Weed

So she won't be leaving SoCal anytime soon.

That means she and Davidson have been logging a lot of sky miles lately.

They usually hang out on one another's home turf, but they've been known to enjoy each other's company in exotic locales, such as when Pete and Kim jetted off to the Bahamas during his holiday break from rehearsing.

Kim on a PJ

Kim acknowledged how much time she's been spending flying the friendly skies with another tell-tale snap -- this one showing her rocking her SKIMS loungewear line on a private jet.

 “Let’s go, babe!! Catching flights not feelings right!!” one fan commented on the pic.

“The things I would do to be that chair queen," joked another user, who was immediately hauled off to horny jail.

Kim Kardashian Rises from the Sea

Anyway, Kim and Pete might not be ready to talk about their feelings for one another, but the whole world is talking on their behalf.

"Kim is so into him," one source recently told People magazine.

"[Kim and Pete] are both really cuddly and affectionate with each other."

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian

"They seem more comfortable than couples who have been together a long time. Kim is obviously very happy with him."

Well, that's good enough for us!

But if these two want to start publicly gushing about each other in relationships, that would be cool too!

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