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In August of 2020, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child.

Katy was once one of the highest earning entertainers on the planet, but has been playing things low-key in recent years.

Clearly, focusing on herself and her family has done wonders for the enduring pop icon.

She is treating fans to an eye-popping glimpse at at her, topless, and even poking fun at herself in the process.

Photo via Instagram

Katy Perry took to Instagram, delighting her fans and followers with a series of new photos.

Some of her most recent posts were all about her heartthrob fiance being handsome in various places.

These photos are just a reminder that he’s not the only hottie in town.

Photo via Instagram

First, Katy flaunts what a knockout she is and always has been.

Leaning against the wall, she is wearing oversized flare pants … and not even the suggestion of a top.

Yes, there is sideboob. Or backboob, from that angle? There’s boob, folks.

Photo via Instagram

Obviously, in order for these photos to remain up on Instagram, Katy could not be facing the camera like this.

Instead, she is facing the wall, posing beside a sign that reads "DO NOT HOSE DOWN."

In lieu of making any jokes, we will add that she captioned the photos "Let it burn baby" and "#WIG."

Photo via Instagram

Katy went on to show off her cleavage and incredible figure, this time while wearing actual clothing.

At 37 years old, her post-baby body is still as out of this world as it was when the world first got to know her.

We do have to ask about that tag that she used in her caption, however. …

Photo via YouTube

"#WIG" appears to be a reference to one of the, if not the, low points of her career.

We are not referring to ugly moments from her age-old feud with Taylor Swift.

Instead, we’re talking about the cringe moment from the ill-advised American Idol revival when she delivered the memorable line: "Wig. I hear that."

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Pic

It was, some felt, the zenith of a period of time in Katy’s career when she seemed desperate to carve out a niche.

Katy appeared to be courting the LGBTQ+ community, where she had long enjoyed many fans, for a solidified celebrity status.

However, some found her antics during that time, even if they were earnest and genuine, off-putting. The tactic backfired.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Premiere Pic

However, as we acknowledged, Katy’s more recent years have earned her more praise and less irritated glaring.

People are genuinely happy for her (sprinkled in with a hefty dose of envy) for getting with Orlando Bloom, not to mention having his baby.

Sometimes, celebrities are happiest when they live their most authentic and chill lives. Also when they’re just super rich and hot.

Photo via YouTube

Being chill doesn’t mean that their careers are over. Orlando is still starring in big-budget productions, in fact.

That makes us wonder when Carnival Row will finally return for its new season (Amazon Prime hasn’t announced, but we’re probably looking at a premiere in the next few months).

While Katy’s music hasn’t made a splash since her dramatic baby bump debut, we’d be interested in more from her, too. For now, we’ll settle for pics.