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Last week, the Teen Mom: Family Reunion premiere devolved into a screaming match almost immediately.

(And Farrah Abraham wasn’t even there yet!)

Kailyn Lowry also was not there, but she had a lot to say about what went down.

Taking to her podcast, she put Briana and Jade on blast for going after Ashley.

Kailyn Lowry Lays Into Her Inadequate Ex

Kailyn Lowry spoke on her Coffee Convos podcast after watching the crossover premiere.

“I wrote down, ‘Jade is off the wall and I can’t stand her,’” Kailyn announced.

Just a few years ago, Jade appeared on this very podcast. Clearly, a lot has changed.

On screen, there was real tension at play after some of the cast had feuded on social media.

In Kailyn’s assessment, Briana and Jade — who arrived together — came "looking for a fight."

They got one. "I felt the energy through the f–king TV screen," Kail expressed.

Photo via Instagram

Kailyn clearly took a lot of notes during the premiere, and she did not mince words.

“I wrote down in my notes that Jade needs to shut up," she revealed.

"This was about not about you," Kail scolted, "this was about Briana and Ashley."

“She just needed to let Briana handle her own s–t for once," Kailyn suggested.

"But, then again, [Briana’s sister] Brittany wasn’t there," she added shadily.

"And," Kail opined, "Briana doesn’t know how to handle anything without someone backing her up.”

Kailyn Lowry on Her Insta

Briana’s "f–k the fakeness" line also came up, and for obvious reasons.

Kailyn was not at all impressed by Jade and Briana choosing to bond with one another over shared loathing of Ashley.

“That s–t is so corny … that’s weird,” Kailyn reflected.

The Cast Assembles On Teen Mom Family Reunion

“I think they did, they ganged up on Ashley," Kail noted.

"And I think had I been there," she speculated, "I think that Briana would’ve screamed something about me.”

Given the extent of the bitterness and mutual dislike in their history (including very recent history), we don’t disagree.

Kailyn Lowry in a Photo

Briana’s beef with Ashley was largely centered upon her being allegedly two-faced.

Online, Ashley had said things that she did not say face-to-face — which describes a lot of social media activity.

But Kailyn cannot help but recall how Briana has a similar side to her.

Photo via MTV

It was not so long ago that Briana declared on Instagram that she has massively matured.

Yet, she also sent Kailyn a treadmill — almost in the same breath — in a vicious and passive aggressive move.

It’s not nice to send someone exercise equipment in an effort to body-shame them, but no one believes that Briana was trying to be nice.

Kailyn Lowry: An Instagram Photo

“That’s the same person who after this whole thing was filmed — whole lawsuit was going on," Kailyn described.

She noted that this person then "sends me a treadmill and then five days later, writes a f–king novel on Instagram talking about growth and change,” she griped.

“You sent me a treadmill five days ago, like, you don’t get to call Ashley out for something that you’re doing yourself," Kailyn declared.

Jade Cline is Angry

As for Jade, Kailyn noted, she didn’t think that she would have behaved like this if she had been on her own.

“I don’t think Jade needed to step in at that point,” Kail assessed.

She explained: “It was not her turn, it was not her story, she didn’t need to make it about her.”