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According to a number of critics out there, Christina Haack may know a lot about interior design.

But she knows absolutely nothing about true love.

The Flip or Flop co-host was married to fellow HGTV personality Tarek El Moussa for seven years and the two share two young kids together.

Christina then moved on to her second husband, Ant Anstead, with whom she had another child.

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This marriage only lasted for about a year, however, after which Haack and Anstead split up.

Just a few months later? 

She started dating Josh Hall.

And just a few months after that? She got engaged to Hall.

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Did the pair seemingly move very quickly? Yes.

Should total strangers on the Internet care one bit about the speed of this romance or the legitimacy of the feelings involved or really anything about Christina’s personal life at all?


But welcome to the world of social media.

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Back in August, after Haack continually posed with Hall on Instagram and gushed incessantly over her new lover, she clapped back at a bunch of her critics.

"I normally turn off comments with Josh and will continue to do so if people are rude. I don’t want to waste any mins of my life blocking negative people," she wrote at the time.

"People are way too concerned about other people’s lives. They spend so much time judging others to avoid working on their own s–t.

"Judgment is like a mirror – what we dislike in others is what we dislike in [ourselves]."

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Now, Haack is at it again.

In an Instagram post on Sunday, January 16, Christina had a message for those questioning the validity of her romance.

"Too fast, too soon, too blah blah blah," she wrote as her caption to a photo of herself and Hall. "That feeling of pure bliss / those deep convos, love is what it is."

The reality TV star concluded the post with a heart, lock and key emoji.

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The post came after a handful of fans speculated that Haack and Hall might actually be married already.

On January 14, Christina shared a photo with Josh from the Montage Los Cabos resort that read, "1.14.22 Building life together and enjoying some alone time. Love you Josh."

She eventually deleted the date from her caption.


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As for Josh, who hasn’t said much in public about his famous fiancee?

He wrote his own heartfelt post writing over the weekend as follows:

"True love is rare, so go for it. Fear controls you, so face it. Time is precious, so indulge it. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Never settle for less than you deserve.

"We only get one life, so don’t waste a moment of it."

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Haack and Hall were first linked in July, the month after her divorce from Ant Anstead was finalized.

Shortly thereafter, Haack revealed that she and Hall — whom she’s called her "ride or die" — met in the spring of 2021, and defended their relationship for the first time.

"The internet and social are great for businesses or staying up to date on fam / friends but also, can be toxic and (let’s be real) pretty fake," she wrote in part.

"I may be a bit crazy and I’m definitely not perfect but I will never live my life based on other people’s judgments or opinions… So yes ‘another relationship’ and guess what.

"I’m 38 — I’ll do what I want."