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For Christina Haack, let’s all hope the third time really is the charm.

Following a pair of fairly high-profile marriages and divorces, the HGTV star has agreed to once again become someone’s wife.

It’s true, folks:

Christina and Joshua Hall are engaged!

Christina Haack with Fiance

Haack confirmed the happy news via Instagram on Monday, Sept. 20 by updating her biogrraphhy to include a ring emoji next to the name Josh Hall.

She also shared several snapshots from a recent couple’s trip to Montage Los Cabos — along with the heart, lock, key and engagement ring emoji.

The interior designer split from first husband Tarek El Moussa toward the end of 2016, and she finalized her divorce from Ant Anstead just three months ago.

Christina shared two kids with Tarek and one with Anstead and still co-hosts the program Flip or Flop with the former.

Photo via Instagram

Haack and Hall have only been dating since the spring.

But the pair has made its feelings for each other very public and well known over the course of their brief romance.

"You give me that teenage kinda love vibe and manly protection," the Christina on the Coast star previously wrote on Instagram.

"It’s a combo for a lifetime of happiness + success. Thank you for reminding me what life and love are like when you put down the technology. I love you Josh."

Photo via Instagram

In July, Christina touted Hall as her "ride or die," making it clear she was dedicated to the relationship and to seeing where it goes.

At the same time, she sent a message to trolls who have said negative things about her penchant for jumping from one lover to another.

"Some people are lucky enough to get forever the first time but no one should be shamed for things not working out and no one knows what goes on behind closed doors…" Christina wrote this summer.

"Remember that before making judgements and assumptions…

"And this woman/mama is still lucky enough to have this man choose me."

Josh Hall and Christina Haack

Haack was also in the news last month for a confrontation she had on the set of Flip or Flop with Tarek, who positively blew up at his ex-wife in front of various crew members.

According to a number of insiders, Tarek trashed Christina as a washed-up loser and said she was "crazy."

Tarek has since taken at least some responsibility for the argument.

He said it sucked all around and won’t happen again.

Photo via Instagram

Christina, however, hasn’t seem too fazed by anything involving her ex.

She’s focused on her future.

"When we met this past spring, the synchronicities hit us so hard and fast they were impossible to ignore," Haack has said about Hall.

"I felt immediately crazy protective over him and wanted to keep him for myself and get to know each other before the tornado (media attention) hit.

"We’ve had a few solid months of just us getting to know each other and I’ve loved every second of it."

Joshua Hall

As for the haters?

"I may be a bit crazy and I’m definitely not perfect but I will never live my life based on other peoples judgments or opinions," Christina wrote on July 8.

"We pride ourselves on never judging others and always wanting others to be happy and we wish others would have the same respect.

"So yes ‘another relationship’ and guess what. I’m 38 — I’ll do what I want."