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One year ago, Mackenzie McKee honored her late mother on the one-year anniversary of Angie’s passing.

For those mourning a loss, the calendar can be a cruel thing.

This week, Mackenzie marked two years after losing her beloved mother.

This time, she posted a new heartfelt tribute to the woman who helped shape her life.

Mackenzie McKee and Late Mom
Photo via MTV

Early on Thursday, Mackenzie posted in reflection on this hard felt loss.

"Two years ago today, our lives changed forever," she remarked.

Addressing her late mother, Mackenzie wrote: "It’s been the most challenging two years of my life not having you to guide me."

"I love you so much @angiedouthit," Mackenzie expressed.

"Thank you for being such a light in this world," she wrote.

Mackenzie then included a familiar hashtag, writing: "#alwaysbekind."

Mackenzie With Angie
Photo via Instagram

Mackenzie paired that evocative caption with a series of throwback photos.

Some featured Mackenzie and Angie.

Others featured Angie with her grandchildren, treasured time and memories from before the end.

So Many Challenges Ahead
Photo via MTV

As we reported a year ago, Mackenzie marked this same sad anniversary in 2020.

"One year ago today I watched you take your last breath on earth," she reflected at the time.

"A whole year without my glue," Mackenzie wrote. "Have you ever tried to fix a broken glass object without glue?"

Mackenzie McKee and Fam

"That’s how this year was for me," Mackenzie remarked to her late mother.

"I grew more than ever," she acknowledged. "Cried more than ever."

Mackenzie confessed that "a lot of days I didn’t even get out of bed, but also I fought to do and be better more than ever."

Hug for Angie
Photo via Instagram

"Thank you for always believing in me," Mackenzie expressed to the late Angie.

"Thank you for loving me," she added.

"Thank you for reminding me until the day you left earth that I matter," Mackenzie wrote, "and to reach for the stars."

"Every day I strive to make you proud," Mackenzie emphasized.

"And thank you for choosing your last days on earth to inspire this world," she praised.

Mackenzie concluded her touching tribute by writing: "You are missed momma bear."

Mackenzie and Angie
Photo via Instagram

Angie was a powerful influence on Mackenzie’s life.

While one could argue that this is almost always the case with moms, Angie and Mackenzie forged this incredible bond that not every family enjoys in adulthood.

Their love and admiration came to the forefront during Angie’s prolonged cancer battle.

Photo via Instagram

Of course, some have questioned how Angie would react to Mackenzie’s choices in the two years since she passed.

We don’t know, of course, because Angie is not here to tell us or Mackenzie.

Others have wondered if Mackenzie might behave more wisely if she were still receiving counsel from her mom.

Mackenzie was not invited, she recently revealed, to the Teen Mom OG Reunion.

That is always a loaded decision, one that networks do not mean lightly.

It’s not difficult to see why she seemed to be on the outs with the franchise. 2021 has not been her year.

Mackenzie claimed that her body had been changed or otherwise impacted by the COVID-19 vaccines.

This is a familiar odd claim, but in her case, she was alleging that simply being around members of the crew who were vaccinated was making her health worse.

Obviously, that is categorically absurd … and it may be that MTV didn’t want to deal with her nonsense at the Reunion.

Mackenzie McKee - calls Kamala Harris a

Sadly, Mackenzie chose to begin this year by using racist language while attacking Vice President Kamala Harris.

The first woman Vice President of the United States of America is both Black and South Asian, through her parents. She is a woman of color, she is not "colored."

Fans join Mackenzie in mourning Angie’s passing, even as they wish that Mackenzie exercised better judgment.