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We are inching extremely close to learning the fate of Josh Duggar.

Prosecutors outlined their case against the former reality star with a mountain of damning evidence and testimony over the past two weeks.

Then came his turn, and on Tuesday, the former reality star’s defense team rested its case after calling just two witnesses to the stand:

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar
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1. Daniel Wilcox, a former Homeland Security Investigator and police officer who was involved in executing the search warrant at Josh’s use car lot in 2019.

2. Michele Bush, an Arizona-based digital forensics expert who has examined a handful of devices seized from Duggar over two years ago.

Joshua Duggar Picture
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Wilcox simply detailed how he went undercover as a patron at the aforementioned car dealership in Arkansas in order to check out the place and meet Josh in person.

Bush, however, was cross-examined Tuesday morning by the prosecution.

The state worked to undermine her credibility as a witness for the defense. Whether they succeeded remains to be seen.

Josh Duggar is the Worst
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A day before, Bush had testified that it was a "viable possibility" the sexually graphic material on Josh’s computer had been dowloaded remotely… opening the door to the possibility that almost anyone could have done it.

She also questioned why federal agents had NOT seized the router from Duggar’s workplace.

On Tuesday, though, the prosecution basically tore Bush apart.

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FIRST, tn her introduction as the defense’s first witness, Bush claimed she had 10 years experience as a forensic examiner.

But prosecuting attorney William Clayman pointed out that Bush didn’t even graduate college until 2015.

SECOND, Clayman asked if Bush had ever been a witness at a federal trial before, hoping to cast doubt in the eyes of the jury on her expertise at this level.

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"I’d have to refer to my C.V.,” Bush replied.

Not the most compelling of answers.

THIRD, further questioning by the prosecution forced Bush to eventually admit she had never taken a Linux-specific course or had any training on the Torrential Downpour software used by law enforcement.

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In other words?

She wasn’t especially familiar with the software used by the authorities to prove Duggar had downloaded various disgusting videos.

FOURTH, Bush confirmed that she has never listened to the interview conducted with Duggar on the day the search warrant was executed at his Springdale car lot in November 2019.

Josh Duggar at a Game
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Moreover, she has never been to the car lot… doesn’t know its business hours… and didn’t research any information related to the business when conducting her examination of the seized electronic devices.

After the defense team had a chance to address Bush once more via redirect, she was told she could leave the stand.

And that was it.

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This is when the defense rested its case.

On Wednesday morning, both legal sides will deliver their closing arguments – and then the case will be handed over to the jury for deliberation.

Josh is innocent until proven guilty; Duggar has tried to establish reasonable doubt, so as guilty as he may seem, that isn’t enough to convict.

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In any case, the matter will be out of his hands soon, which means that a verdict could be reached as early as Wednesday afternoon.

It means a verdict almost definitely will be reached before the week is over.

Duggar, as you all know by now, was arrested in April on two charges of child pornography possession following the aforementioned 2019 raid.

Josh and Anna Throwback
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His lawyers tried to their client acquitted on Monday based on insufficient evidence, but a judge denied this motion.

If convicted across the boardd, Josh could face up to 40 years behind bars.