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Last month, Geoffrey Paschel was found guilty of domestic assault and kidnapping after brutally attacking a former fiancee.

The disgraced 90 Day Fiance alum is now behind bars where he belongs and awaiting sentencing.

Varya Malina played coy for years over their relationship status, but it is clear that they remained linked.

Now, a tearful Varya is packing up and moving.

Varya Malina Snaps a Shiny Selfie

On Tuesday, November 2, Varya Malina took to her Instagram Stories with a sad — to her — update.

She shared an image, presumably of herself, on the road.

Varya added a tearful emoji to convey her mood.

“Sorry, today there are no stories,” Varya wrote over the post.

“Can’t believe that everything [that] I need for life fits in this car,” the text added.

It can feel strange to boil down your life to bare, easily transportable essentials.

Photo via Instagram

Varya is not sharing just yet where she is heading.

Some have wondered if Varya, who has been living in Florida, is headed to Tennessee.

However, with Geoffrey poised to face real consequences for his monstrous crimes, it’s not clear what there would be for her there.

Varya Smiles on 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days

Just days ago, Varya offered a life update.

She revealed that she had met with a realtor with the intention of selling her house.

That house has been located in Florida — one of many factors that added ambiguity to her relationship status for the past two years.

In June of 2019, a short time before he flew to meet Varya for 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days, Geoffrey Paschel was arrested.

His then-fiancee, Kristen Wilson, was working at the time as an elementary school teacher.

At her home, he had severely beaten her, dragging her around her house and slamming her head into various surfaces.

Kristen courageously testified at Geoffrey’s trial, where the gruesome photos of her injuries were shown.

Geoffrey’s attorney attempted to claim that she had been drunk and told lies about his behavior that night.

Fortunately, a jury of twelve of Geoffrey’s peers were not buying what he was selling.

Geoffrey’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 3, 2021.

There are many flaws in our prison system at every step, but sometimes, it gets things right.

It is hoped that Geoffrey will be behind bars for many years.

Geoffrey’s history of domestic abuse accusations, alongside numerous arrests, was uncovered after his casting was announced.

Even before he appeared on TLC, fans of the show were all too aware of who and what he is.

His work as a crime reenactor on Investigation Discovery shows was apparently informed by plenty of real-world experience.

Geoffrey Paschel at trial

But while very few care about drug arrests, the domestic violence accusations from multiple exes — including two ex-wives — stood out.

He was accused of similar violence towards his own children and of sexual violence towards his exes.

One of his children was born while he allegedly held the child’s mother captive in a rented room. All harrowing to hear.

Geoffrey and Varya in Moscow
Photo via TLC

And yet Varya responded to Geoffrey’s conviction for his latest crimes by expressing heartbreak.

She also temporarily deleted her social media, fleeing Instagram to avoid seeing people’s responses.

Shockingly, Natalie Mordovtseva also expressed support for Geoffrey multiple times, and none of us can understand that.

Natalie had apparently befriended the couple, which many found inexplicable given who Geoffrey is.

Many times, Natalie won over fans by asserting how she deserved to be treated by Mike, her ex-husband.

No matter how she feels about Varya, feeling sorry for Geoffrey or grieving his conviction is … disturbing.