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Amy Roloff is happily married to Chris Marek.

Following the couple’s August 28 wedding, the Little People, Big World star could not be more excited to look toward the future.

And yet:

She stars on a reality show that also features a rather prominent part of her past, so Amy gets it.

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She understand why the topic of Matt Roloff will continue to come up, especially after Amy and Chris did NOT invite Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, to therr nuptials.

“It wasn’t anything against Matt or Caryn, but it made it more comfortable for the kids and for the guests,” Marek told Us Weekly on Monday.

"Especially for the kids, that would have been awkward for Amy and Matt’s kids. Which one are they supposed to be happy for?

"I just think it would have been a lot of mixed emotions for them to be there together.”

Photo via TLC

To be clear, Chandler said awhile back that she didn’t want to attend the wedding — and Matt could not have been more understanding about the non-snub.

Heck, he even gave Amy and Chris his property as a venue and helped construct a chapel for the newlyweds.

“I was planning to have our wedding somewhere else. I had a couple of venues that I was thinking of and everything, but the farm was always on the radar. It was like plan B,” Amy told Us.

“In the end, the farm really worked out because it gave us time to decorate a few days prior… [it] was really the perfect venue.”

Photo via TLC

Fans will get to learn more about Amy and Marek’s big day on this Tuesday’s TLC special, LITTLE PEOPLE, BIG WORLD: AMY & CHRIS’S HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

It premieres at 9/8c on November 9.

According to the network, this special will "pull back the veil on the weeks leading up to the wedding, from food tastings to farm renovations to decor decisions, and culminates with the highly anticipated wedding."

Amy and Chris Wedding Pic

Following her vow exchange, meanwhile, Amy also told Us that Matt and Caryn sent along a present.

“They gave us a little gift basket,” said Roloff, with her second husband chimed in as follows:

“We’re very appreciative of that. In the gift basket was a handwritten note [where] Matt offered to fly us to Arizona and check out their place.

"So we may be taken advantage of that.”

Little People, Big World Cheers

While Amy and Matt are obviously on decent terms, the mother of four does want to make something clear.

“It’s a relationship, it’s a relationship for me that’s out of respect and everything like that.

"I definitely don’t want to pretend and allude to the fact that I’m suddenly going to become best friends with my ex,” she explained to the aforementioned outlet.

“But we’re able to do things together and communicate.

"I don’t think either one of us are gonna go out of our way and be over each other’s house every other weekend.”