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Not all of Khloe Kardashian’s photos receive a great reception.

People love her body. What people don’t love are Khloe’s all too frequent photoshop fails.

This time, however, things are different — as her latest photo has been very well-received.

In fact, Tristan Thompson seems to like her photo too dang much, and he’s letting everybody know.

Khloe Kardashian for Health Magazine

We don’t always agree with Tristan, but he’s right about this.

Khloe is looking absolutely gorgeous on the cover of Health magazine.

Showing off her abs and her fit limbs, she is displaying her famous "revenge body" to full effect.

"Thank you Health Magazine for having me on your cover," Khloe wrote on Instagram.

"I worked so hard in the gym for this," she acknowledged.

"And I celebrated with pizza (my weakness) right afterwards," Khloe revealed on her caption.

Tristan Thompson, True and Khloe

"Wow Khloe!!!!!!!!" Momager Kris Jenner exclaimed.

"You are so beautiful and amazing inside and out," she praised.

"And," Kris continued, Khloe continues to "show all of us how to be empowered, inspirational, happy, and peaceful."

Khloe Has Been Photoshopping

"And that laughter is the best medicine…" Kris continued.

She added: "I love you so much!!!!!!"

While Khloe’s mother and family are proud, her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy is striking a different tone.

Tristan Thompson is once again thirsting in Khloe’s comments.

"Wow!! You are so motivational Koko!" the notorious cheater exclaimed.

"So proud of your hard work and dedication to your healthcare and fitness," Tristan gushed.

"Abs of steel!!" Tristan declared of his baby mama’s torso.

He concluded: "BRB I need to do some sit ups."

That is high praise coming from a professional athlete, especially one with a body like Tristan’s.

Tristan Drinks Kendall's Tequila

It’s no secret that Tristan is attracted to Khloe Kardashian. They had a whole baby together.

(Granted, not attracted to her enough to not cheat on her, repeatedly, across multiple scandals, but still)

But when he’s openly thirsty over her like this, Khloe’s fans tend to bristle. A Demi Lovato quote comes to mind.

Demi certainly has a way with words, don’t they? It’s a popular sentiment towards Tristan.

While Tristan has a job — basketball, he will never fully stay away from Khloe, it seems.

They share sweet little True, who will turn four years old in less than six months. That’s a long-term bond.

Khloe's Been Working Out

But in the past, Tristan has been perceived to use their inescapable link and social media to worm his way back into Khloe’s good graces.

We all watched, in horror, as Tristan and Khloe’s social media PDA turned into real life confirmations that they were back together.

Each time, of course, it was only for Tristan to once again be caught cheating and for them to break up again.

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson and Their Daughter

Fans know that Khloe is a grown woman, but the parasocial relationship between fans and celebrities is complicated.

It’s not just that they don’t want to see her get hurt again — they want to stop her from making another mistake, if they can.

So fans take notice, and not too kindly, when Tristan starts showering praise on Khloe’s Instagram. You had your chances, sir.