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These are tough times for Scott Disick.

Actually, that might be putting the situation too mildly, as Scott has basically been in meltdown mode for the past six months, and this week’s news essentially served as the cherry on top of his dung sundae of a year.

Yes, as you’ve likely heard by now Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick got engaged over the weekend.

This is joyous news for the two of them and their many well-wishers — but it probably came as quite a blow to Scott.

Kourtney and Travis at SNL

Scott’s disapproval of his ex’s relationship has been palpable from the very beginning.

Fans didn’t even need to speculate about the 38-year-old’s feelings, as he made them abundantly clear in one of the most colossal social media blunders or all time.

Disick messaged Younes Bendjima in the hopes that the boxer would join him in slut-shaming their mutual ex.

That gross move backfired spectacularly when Bendjima called Disick out and posted screenshots of their conversation on Instagram.

The situation was so embarrassing that Amelia Hamlin dumped Scott like a hot rock immediately afterward.

So now, Scott is newly-single and dealing with the fact that his baby mama — whom he never bothered to propose to himself — is head-over-heels for her new fiance.

Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian on KUWTK

Not surprisingly, the internet is having a field day with this one.

"I just know Scott Disick [is] punching the air," one person tweeted, according to the Daily Mail.

"Scott Disick on his way to date another teenager after finding out Kourtney’s engaged," another added.

"Scott Disick looking for a 19-y-o to take to Kourtney and Travis’ wedding," a third chimed in.

Some folks expressed sympathy for Scott, but they were promptly shouted down by the folks who pointed out that he brought all of this pain on himself.

"Scott Disick cheated on Kourtney and embarrassed her in front of the world for YEARS," one person pointed out.

"Stop bringing up his feelings and saying they are ‘goal,’" another argued.

"Kourtney has finally found someone who loves her unconditionally and treats her like a queen. Let Kourtney and Travis have their moment."

That’s absolutely the correct read on the situation, and Kourtney fans should probably focus on her happiness and not on Scott’s pain.

But on the other hand, Scott has been putting Kourtney through the emotional wringer for more than a decade, so he sort of has this coming to him.

Whatever the case, Disick has yet to respond to the engagement news publicly, and it seems unlikely that he ever will.

You hate to think of breakups in such immature terms as winners vs. losers, but if you believe in such a concept (and Scott almost certainly does), then there’s no denying that Kourtney is the victor in this situation.

Scott and Kourtney in 2021

It’s anyone’s guess what the future holds for Scott, but hopefully he’ll indulge in a little self-reflection and consider the possibility of seeking a more-age appropriate partner for his next relationship.

Then again, if he were capable of learning from the past and growing as a person, he probably wouldn’t be trashing his baby mama in petty DMs to her exes.