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Late this summer, Paola Mayfield announced that she and Russ were over. They split.

The mess didn’t stop there, because the Mayfields suggested that they might not get divorced.

Does that mean that they’ve worked things out and are getting along now?

Of course not!

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Paola Mayfield is clapping back at her haters.

She is also shading her quasi-husband, Russ, in the same breath.

Take a look at what she had to say in this non-verbal but scathing TikTok:

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"When they called me a gold digger," she captioned the 9-second video, "but there was never gold to dig."

The music choice was "Stan," a classic Eminem song most impactful by engineering the word stan as it is used today.

As for Paola’s low blow against Russ … well, it’s harsh, and doesn’t sound especially promising when it comes to reconciliation.

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As we mentioned, late this summer, Paola signaled that it was over.

She didn’t mince words or suggest that a reconciliation was on the table.

Pao seemed so over her 90 Day Fiance marriage and ready to move on.

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However, soon, she and Russ were rethinking things … somewhat.

Paola’s manager shared that the couple still respected each other.

(All evidence on social media to the contrary)

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However, Pao’s manager acknowledged that the two had faced a number of relationship issues.

One of these problems was that Russ lost his job last year.

As a result, Paola was suddenly the family’s sole breadwinner.

Russ Mayfield and Paola Mayfield, Season 4 Tell All

Understandably, this new dynamic exacted a toll on their marriage and family.

Any time that financial stressors are involved, couples can falter.

Especially if there are other factors at play — as was the case here.

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Numerous couples were "stuck" together during the COVID-19 pandemic’s peak months.

In some cases, it made relationships stronger. In other cases, weaker.

It turns out that some people don’t really like being in each other’s company full time.

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Paola and Russ weren’t just stuck indoors together … they were in a particularly small space.

An RV can be a small living space for one adult.

Two adults and a small child … well, there are reasons that houses exist. They were miserable.

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Still, instead of making divorce plans just yet, they vowed to enter counseling to mend their tattered relationship.

A couple of weeks after announcing that things were over, Pao posted a happy family photo.

In it were Paola herself, Russ, and their 2-year-old son, Axel Mayfield. She thanked Russ for watching Axel while they worked.

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Honestly, it’s kind of a surprise that the pandemic had that much of an impact on Paola’s happiness, given some of her … social media activity.

Paola has in the past expressed alarming views related to vaccine hesitancy and absurd conspiracy theories.

That was before the pandemic hit. Very few people mellowed out. A worrisome number of people became increasingly unhinged as misinformation spread.

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Regardless, Paola’s current TikTok is two things.

The first thing is true — Russ is not exactly a goldmine for Paola to plunder.

The second thing is mean. Like, Russ knows his situation, but rubbing it in seems hurtful.

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Maybe Paola meant this as clapback against haters, but it definitely hit back at Russ, too.

It’s possible that they’ve hit another (extra) rough patch in counseling or in their relationship, such as it is.

Still, she’s not wrong — not about this.