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Part of the appeal of Love After Lockup is that the cast faces stakes that are much higher than anything experienced by the stars of other reality shows.

A Real Housewife might get a glass of wine thrown in her face if she steps out of line, but a Lockup star could wind up back behind bars.

The recidivism rate is sky high in this country, and LAL producers tend not to cast the most stable members of the inmate community.

That means, of course, that there’s a very good chance that your favorite Lockup star will be back in the slammer before their season even ends.

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And in many of those cases, the re-incarcerated star will never return to television, which means you might be left forever wondering what happened to them.

Fortunately, the folks at Starcasm have devoted many research hours to determining the fate of the men and women who starred in Love After Lockup Season 4.

And you might not be surprised to learn that the show’s most recent cast hasn’t shown themselves to be very adept at staying out of jail.

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So without further ado, we present to you the Love After Lockup Season 4 dishonor roll:

First up is the famously short-fused Lindsey Downs.

While many Season 4 stars have been arrested again, Lindsey is the only one who’s currently back behind bars — and yes, her anger played a role in her arrest.

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“A few days after I had moved out, Scott called and made a police report on the damages done to the house,” Lindsey told Starcasm from behind bars.

“He claimed I had damaged the desk, laptop, coffee pot, printer, and Xbox. As viewers can attest to after viewing the show, I didn’t touch the printer or Xbox, but Scott had to get the cost of damages up to a specific amount for the charge to be considered a felony.”

Lindsey was able to post bail for those charges, but her troubles were just beginning.

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She was arrested again shortly thereafter — on the same charges.

"Almost a month later, on July 8th, I was arrested again in Alcorn County on the same charge that I was already out on bond for,” she said.

“I was told afterwards it was an invalid warrant and I shouldn’t have been picked up."

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Unfortunately, that invalid warrant led to the discovery of meth and a gun, which were both found in the 2017 BMW that Lindsey was "test driving" at the time.

She’s already been sentenced to 24 months, with multiple charges ( firearm possession, meth possession, and malicious mischief) still pending.

So yeah, it may be a while before you see Lindsey again — and Dylan Smith might not fare much better.

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Dylan only appeared on the show briefly, as the newly-sprung boyfriend of Heather, who started making his life more difficult the very moment that he became a free man.

He seemed to have a promising future (when it comes to drug charges, dealers tend to fare better than users post-prison), but alas, it seems that Dylan couldn’t leave his past behind him.

He was arrested on December 10, but since Cook County, Illinois doesn’t allow private access to criminal records, his fate is unknown.

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But yeah, it doesn’t sound good.

“Prosecutors said police found a loaded 9-millimeter handgun, an 8-millimeter handgun with a bullet jammed in the barrel, 40 Ritalin pills, crack, heroin, Adderall, and a bag of pills that are believed to be Xanax,” one court filing read.

Next up is the the aptly-named Destinie Folsom — and yes, it does seem that prison is her fate. Get it?!

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Destinie’s return to prison for a parole violation was documented on the show, but amazingly, she’s back on the streets.

Folsom was released from custody on August 27, so if you have any rich uncles who might be vulnerable to falling for a tatted-up con artist, you might want to keep an eye on them.

Moving on, we already reported that Maurice Gipson was arrested on shoplifting charges, and it sounds like his situation is about to get a whole lot worse.

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Maurice was already on probation for a recent gun charge when he was taken into custody on October 13.

He’s out on bail, but he probably won’t be a free man for very long.

His next court date is scheduled for December 13, and it’s very unlikely that he’ll walk out of there without cuffs on.

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So yeah, a lot of bad news so far, but things might be looking up for Kristianna Roth!

Roth married John in a traditional Native American ceremony as soon as she walked out of prison, but unfortunately, she’s experienced a lot of ups and downs in the years.

During her time on the show, she went back to the clink for a probation violation — which is when Kristianna’s sister seized the opportunity to try and bang her husband.

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These days, however, it seems that Kristianna is clean and sober and keeping on the straight and narrow!

Look, at the end of the day it’s not easy for anyone to rebuild their life after spending time in prison.

We deeply sympathize with those who have continued to struggle, and we offer our most sincere congratulations to those who have managed to turn things around, a list that includes:

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Chanda Curls, who bolted out of the bus station after seeing Tyrice’s electric blue suit and has managed to keep her nose clean ever since.

Quaylon Adams, whose relationship with Shavel was one of the messiest ever featured on the show, but who has managed to stay out of trouble ever since his release.

That’s no easy feat after getting locked up at 17!

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Hopefully, Chanda and Quaylon can stay on the right path, and their co-stars will find that path eventually.

We have faith in all of you, and a legion of fans are rooting for you!