Jamie Lynn Spears Showcases Daughter in Desperate Attempt to Distract Critics

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After so many years of passing over opportunities to be a better person, Jamie Lynn Spears is still the worst.

These days, with all that has unfolded and been revealed in Britney's struggle for freedom, everyone knows it.

Jamie Lynn is clearly desperate to change the narrative to something other than stolen condos and betrayal.

She has one ace up her sleeves: talking about her kids.

Jamie Lynn Spears Video Still

We'll go into why this feels like a distraction and why people are so pissed at Jamie Lynn in a moment.

Because at first, it's really sweet.

Jamie Lynn is celebrating her daughter, Maddie Aldridge, as she attends her first dance.

Jamie Lynn Spears and Jamie Watson and Kids

Maddie is 13 years old -- her birthday was just four months ago.

And she recently attended her very first school dance, ever.

Congratulations to Maddie on attending Homecoming 2021!

Maddie Aldridge goes to her first dance in 2021

"Don’t worry," Jamie Lynn captioned the photos.

"I also can’t believe my baby’s growing up and going to her first dance," she admitted.

"And," Jamie Lynn continued, "doing all the things that make time zoom by and stand still all at the same time."

Maddie Aldridge and homecoming date 2021

To her credit, Jamie Lynn has very clearly preserved the privacy of Maddie.

Maddie is 13 years old now, and the use of lens flare edits that would make J.J. Abrams blush have obscured her face and that of her date.

Jamie Lynn did share her face and that of her husband, Jamie Watson.

Jamie Lynn on Instagram

Yes, Britney's father and her brother-in-law are both named Jamie, and her sister is named Jamie Lynn.

Her mother's name is Lynne.

We cannot explain that or many other decisions made by the Spears family, pretty much ever. None of that is Britney's fault.

Jamie Lynn Spears with Wavy Hair

Speaking of fault, Britney has had a lot to say about her family.

She recently told her fans to pity her family if she ever gives an interview about the many ways in which they have wronged her.

Not just her dad. Not just her parents. Her family.

Jamie Lynn Spears for Nylon

But while Jamie Lynn is certainly included in Britney's ire, not everyone in the Spears family is guilty.

Specifically, the children are innocent in all of this.

That means Britney's amazing sons. It also means Jamie Lynn's children.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Maddie Aldridge, and a Baby

And that is why some -- particularly Britney fans -- wonder about her motives in sharing these sweet photos.

No one thinks that Jamie Lynn invented homecoming or staged her daughter's attendance for clout.

It's just that ... a lot of people get the feeling that Jamie Lynn is hoping to get some rare, positive responses on social media.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Maddie Aldridge, Jamie Watson

For more than thirteen years, Britney Spears has been held in a gilded cage.

Her life, her career, her fundamental human rights were ripped out of her hands and dangled in front of her like a carrot.

Britney's almost universally despised father, Jamie Spears, held the keys to her kingdom ... and he did not let go until the court gave him no choice last month.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Maddie Aldridge, Jamie Watson, and Baby Ivey Joan

What was Jamie Lynn doing all of this time? Not speaking out about Britney's plight, that's for sure.

Instead, Jamie Lynn continued to capitalize on her sister's fame ... and use her $1 million condo, referring to it as if it were her own.

So yes, many people have a bone to pick with her. Britney is among them. Don't hide behind your kids.

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