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At the end of last season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, the Potthast family was in tatters.

Andrei Castravet’s foray into the family business sent Libby and her siblings at war with one another, with Andrei the only victor.

The chaos continued on the Tell All and, more recently, on 90 Day Bares All.

Now, Libby’s sister Becky is making it clear that the animosity hasn’t died down in the least.

HEA 6x15 preview - Becky feels iced out of the business

On Instagram, Becky Lichtwerch — known to many of us as Becky Potthast, sister of Elizabeth Potthast — was stirring the pot.

She took to her Instagram Stories to share a screenshot of a taunting message that she sent to her brother-in-law, Andrei.

Though some of the family has been iced out of decision-making, Becky is still part of the family business … and proud of her work.

Elizabeth Potthast meets up with sisters Jenn and Becky

“Listed my dads house and got a full price offer day 1," Becky texted to Andrei.

Her text continued: "Put that in your pipe and smoke it !”

It’s unclear if that extremely old-fashioned line was for our benefit or Andrei’s.

“Just a friendly reminder: My dad, my family business,’ Becky captioned the screenshot.

In other words, she is reminding people that she still has her job and won’t be driven out by her brother-in-law.

She’s also reminding everyone that the family feud is still very much on.

Becky explains why the luggage needs to be stored

Instagram Stories do not have comments pages like regular posts do.

But since they can be screenshotted and passed around elsewhere on social media, they can certainly get discussions going.

In this case … some people aren’t sure if Becky actually hates Andrei as much as she wants us to think.

Becky Potthast accurately describes Andrei as a manipulator

"This. Is. All. Fake. They’re desperate to stay relevant," accused one Reddit denizen.

"Oh absolutely! I think they get along splendidly (Minus Charlie!! LOL)!!" another commenter agreed.

The second redditor added: "They laughing all the way to the bank!!"

"Bragging about being a good realtor because you sold a house fast in Florida right now is like claiming to be a great fisherman because you caught a fish that was in a bathtub," one quipped.

"A full price offer in this economy isn’t much to brag about," suggested another commenter.

That redditor explained: "Houses around here are going 100k over asking."

Becky Potthast and Jenn Potthast speak to the camera

Right now, billion dollar companies are buying up numerous homes in the same neighborhood to artificially inflate prices.

On top of decades of wage stagnation, the COVID-19 pandemic, and the already astronomical issues of housing prices and income inequality, and things are bleak.

We’re sure that many houses are selling quickly and for well over their asking prices. But … that’s hard to celebrate.

But most of the focus has less to do with the mechanics of the Potthast family business and more about the drama.

The Potthast siblings either cannot play along … or are pretending to have a lot more tension than they really do.

(Except with Charlie and his wife … that feud seems to be extremely real)

Becky Potthast and Thomas don't like Andrei's presumptive attitude

The purpose, everyone supposes, is to angle for a Potthast family spinoff along the lines of The Family Chantel or Darcey & Stacey.

That kind of gig can be lucrative, and help cement the family into the franchise without worrying each year about whether they’re part of the cast.

Some fans don’t want to see that. Others absolutely do.

Becky Potthast caused problems on purpose

Truth be told, Becky is my literal favorite member of the Potthast family.

(The worst would have to be the family’s homophobic mother — an easy choice)

But even I know that getting a spinoff could mean risking running out of steam on this feud (real or fake) … or fracturing the family for good.