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Here we go again, Bachelor Nation.

Much to the extreme chagrin of Clare Crawley.

Late last month, multiple sources confirmed that the former Bachelorette lead had split from her season’s kind of controversial winner, Dale Moss.

The two had fallen in love so quickly last year that Crawley agreed to leave the franchise after just a few weeks of filming, while Moss proposed on air on the couple’s final episode.

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley as a Couple
Photo via Instagram

Alas, they broke up in January 2021… at which time rumors began to spread that Moss had cheated on Crawley.

This was several months ago.

Fast forward awhile, however, and Moss got back together with Crawley late this past winter.

There was once again chatter about the pair getting married; once again plenty of Instagram posts that featured Clare and Dale looking cozy and comfortable with each other; and now, once again, speculation that the romance ended over infidelity.

Here’s why:

On September 30, Crawley responded to her second and presumably last split from Moss by writing the following:

“I’m choosing not to speak right now on the details of my relationship, because at the end of the day anyone can put on an ACT or throw words together to form any narrative they want.

"What I will speak on is emotionally and physically I’m going through a lot with healing from my recent [breast implant removal] surgery still, and my mother being placed on hospice care now."

She then seemingly hurled shade at Moss as follows:

So my energy is focused on grieving, healing, and being present at home here in Sacramento while trying to share and help others going through similar life experiences as I’m sharing today.

I am just thankful for the people in my life who offer genuine unconditional love with no personal gain, and stand by me through thick and thin. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE CAMERAS ARE OFF with no accolades.

Actions speak for themselves.

Photo via Facebook

Here’s the cryptic thing, though:

Crawley tagged Abigail Heringer in the post.

She did so after the Instagram account Deuxmoi shared an anonymous tip that a Bachelor in Paradise fan-favorite had hooked up with a recent Bachelor Nation winner.

Hmmm, right?

Abigail Herringer
Photo via ABC

A source proceeded to tell Us Weekly that Moss and Heringer “hooked up” long before Bachelor in Paradise started shooting — and Heringer had told many of her friends since she “was under the impression that he and Clare weren’t serious” any longer.

The insider alleged that Crawley found out about the incident on the day she wrote the above post and therefore tagged Heringer in her photo to show everyone that she knew what had happened.

Heringer later untagged herself.

Photo via Instagram

However, a second insider close to The Bachelorette alum claims that Dale has never been romantically involved with Abigail.

“They met once at flag football in New York City that a bunch of Bachelor people attended. Everyone went to a bar after, they did not sleep together. He’s never cheated on Clare,” this follow-up source recently told this tabloid.

“They never kissed or had sex.

"Dale is friends with Abigail.”

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley Back Together

So there you have it. We guess.

All we can really be sure about at this point is that Crawley is doing her best.

But she’s struggling.

"It takes a lot to bring me to my knees," the reality TV star wrote on October 2 alongside a video of herself walking her dog. "But damn this week has pushed me to that point."

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley: All Good!

Amid her mother’s battle with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and Clare’s own surgery, Crawley continued:

"One thing I refuse to do though is stay down. I’ll be dammed if I let it all take me out, so amidst all this, I’m taking steps even if the [sic] are small.

I will feed myself the right food, drink some water and handle it the best I know how.

"I want you to know the messages of support + love from my Insta fam haven’t gone unnoticed [white heart emoji]."

Moss, for his part, has not yet addressed his break-up from Clare or any talk that he slept Abigail Heringer.

“They have different visions and wedding planning wasn’t happening which made Clare really upset,” a source told Us on Tuesday, September 28.

“She wants to be in Sacramento to be close to her family, especially her mom who isn’t well. Dale wants to remain in NY.

"They will still support each other and have love for each other no matter what."