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Right now, Brian Laundrie is either hiding or dead. Either way, he’s the most wanted fugitive in America right now.

Even his own sister has urged him to turn himself in, publicly distancing herself from the grim story of Gabby Petito’s tragedy.

But while there has been a lot of focus upon where Brian went after Gabby was murdered, there are still questions about before the murder.

Why did he empty and close a storage unit that he and Gabby had shared … more than a week before Gabby’s death?

Brian Laundrie on a Beach

Brian Laundrie disappeared a month ago.

Since then, much of the public pushback has fallen upon his parents, Christopher and Roberta Laundrie.

The perception that they aided Brian prior to his disappearance and the suspicion that they might know more than they have shared have not faded.

Photo via Instagram

The Laundrie family has retained an attorney, Steven Bertolino, to represent them during the ongoing manhunt for their son.

It is by now well known that Brian returned home in mid-August before returning to his ongoing van-based life with Gabby.

Gabby’s life, of course, was cut short — she was murdered via strangulation.

Brian Laundrie Pic

Recently, Cassie Laundrie — Brian’s sister — appeared on Good Morning America.

There, she urged her brother to turn himself in. He disappeared one month ago.

Now, attorney Bertolino has issued a statement to explain Brian’s return home.

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According to the statement, Brian’s mid-August return to Florida was to "empty and close" a storage unit.

This was a unit that he and Gabby shared.

He flew there and back.

Brian Laundrie Instagram Photo

According to Bertolino, his reason for emptying the storage unit was because they were considering extending their cross-country trip.

It is believed that the couple paid for Brian’s flights together.

"Brian flew home to obtain some items and empty and close the storage unit to save money as they contemplated extending the road trip," Bertolino announced.

Brian Laundrie Photo

Brian returned to Salt Lake City on August 23, reuniting with his fiancee.

The last that Gabby Petito was seen alive by anyone other than Brian was on August 27 — just four days later.

At that time, the two ate at a restaurant, where witnesses observed Brian become enraged as he argued with multiple restaurant employees — all women.

Brian Laundrie on YouTube

A tearful Gabby apologized for his behavior after he stormed off and returned multiple times during the dispute.

We all know that people who are rude to wait staff are not to be trusted, but this goes above and beyond.

And frankly, Brian’s bad manners as a restaurant customer are the least of anyone’s worries now.

Brian Laundrie

Authorities and everyday citizens who have followed the news are all looking for Brian.

Sometimes, public participation can interefere with investigations and manhunts, but it’s likely safe to say that Brian cannot duck into any town without risking being spotted.

And that leads to a couple of interesting possibilities.

Photo via YouTube

Recently, survival experts weighed in on Brian’s chances of remaining hidden … and they don’t think that he’s just "roughing it."

It’s likely that he might not be hiding where people think that he is. It’s possible that he’s receiving help and supplies.

But it’s also very possible that Brian has died in some manner while attempting to hide in the wilderness.