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We can all breathe a sigh of relief that Vicki Gunvalson’s fiance Steve isn’t Governor of California.

Did that feel good? Nice. Now take another breath and prepare to hold it.

Vicki has been filming with other Housewives for one of Bravo’s "all stars" style spinoffs.

Unfortunately, this has included her going off on unhinged anti-vaxx rants discouraging them from getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Vicki Gunvalson has been filming Season 2 of The Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls’ Trip.

This spinoff features other Housewives, both past and present, including fan-favorite (and sorely missed) Dorinda Medley.

In fact, a lot of the filming took place at Dorinda’s Blue Stone Manor in the Berkshires.

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Dorinda is firmly on the more sensible side of the Housewives spectrum, and has been an outspoken advocate for getting vaccinated.

As Dorinda and the rest of us who live in real life know, the vaccine vastly reduces chances of infection, severity, or death from COVID-19.

But there are some who seem to care less about themselves and others than they do about burying their heads in dangerous misinformation.

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Unfortunately, Vicki is one such person, an inside source explained to Page Six.

“She wouldn’t stop fighting about the shot," the insider shared.

"And," the source continued, Vicki "really got into it with Dorinda."

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"Vicki told Dorinda that everyone who got the vaccine is going to die,” the insider revealed.

Some of the more extreme eschatological views found within American Christianity are at times linked to healthcare and financial programs due to a misinterpretation of the Book of Revelation.

However, the source clarified that, when it comes to Vicki, her objections have "nothing to do with religious reasons."

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This was reportedly shocking and alarming to Vicki’s castmates.

It’s one thing to hear that someone is so far gone that they won’t even get vaccinated.

It’s another thing altogether to hear someone try to talk others out of making themselves and others safer amidst a deadly pandemic.

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Vicki denied making generalizations about the vaccine in a statement.

“To clarify, my conversation with Dorinda was specifically about a man I know," she claimed.

Vicki alleged that this was a man "who didn’t have a history of blood clots and unfortunately passed away from a pulmonary embolism."

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Vicki continued, claiming that it was an embolism "which happened to occur after he took the second dose of the vaccine."

Just for the record, in case it needs to be said, the FDA and CDC have both given the vaccines their stamp of approval. So have many other governments.

Even if there were a conspiracy of thousands of scientists aimed at poisoning all of the world, 184 million Americans are already fully vaccinated. We’re fine.

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Season 2 filmed at Blue Stone Manor over a total of eight days.

Filming wrapped some time last week, according to a production source.

Vicki’s castmates included Tamra Judge, Phaedra Parks, Brandi Glanville, Taylor Armstrong, Eva Marcille, and Jill Zarin.

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We won’t actually get to see the season premiere until 2022.

When it does air, it will be on Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming service.

Though there is a free version of the service, it is expected that this new content will air on the paid version.

Vicki Gunvalson at the 2018 Reunion Special

Most would consider Vicki’s alarming views to be shameful, but apparently, she had these messy arguments on camera.

"It will likely be a big storyline," an insider shared, saying that Vicki’s anti-vaxx clashes with Dorinda "certainly stood out the most."

"The show is going to be incredible," the source teased. "They captured great stuff."

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This is not actually the first time that we have seen, shall we say, huge red flags from Vicki on this topic.

Before filming this spinoff, Vicki ranted against a report by The Daily Mail that claimed that she had contracted COVID-19.

While we all know what kind of tabloid that is … it seems more likely that they’d find some way to pin the virus on Meghan Markle than that they would fabricate Vicki getting it.

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“You’re not writing a story about an unknown cold I have,” Vicki accused the controversial news outlet.

She added: “My medical information is not public.”

Vicki has claimed that she "cannot" get the vaccine, claiming to have a "health exemption" due to "blood clots."

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Vicki and Tamra were spotted dining indoors in New York City just days ago.

Interestingly, there is a citywide rule requiring that all patrons provide vaccination cards in order to eat indoors — which is very sensible.

Unfortunately, Vicki seems to have somehow circumvented that and was dining maskless with Tamra. That’s … well, upsetting.

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Even before that, her son, Mike Wolfsmith, hinted that his mother’s covidiocy extends to more than just her own personal vaccination status.

"She said, ‘it broke her heart’ lol," Mike wrote on Instagram after getting vaccinated.

Mike admitted that Vicki has "terrible sources of information. ‘Guns, American flags, and invisible sky fairies’ – the All-American Trifecta!"

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Vicki is clearly in lockstep with Steve Lodge, her fiance, who ran a failed campaign for Governor.

Steve recently slammed Lisa Vanderpump over her common sense protection measures.

Lisa requires that anyone trying to enter TomTom Restaurant & Bar in West Hollywood must either provide proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

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“Whatever happened to the right of privacy of your health records?” Steve whined on Instagram.

Fun fact: people have needed to provide vaccination records for decades, including for things like school attendance and travel.

“I guess someone forgot to tell them that vaccinated people can also spread and get COVID," he griped.