Sister Wives in Crisis: Will Meri and Christine Soon Be Out of a Job?

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We've known for many months now that Meri Brown and Christine Brown were unhappy in their personal lives.

How could they not be... considering both are married to a man who pays no attention to their needs?

Meri has continually shared cryptic memes and messages about the state of her marriage, while Christine said on the Sister Wives finale this past spring that she was done with Kody.

christine vs. meri

Here's the thing, though:

It's now evident that Meri and Christine have a cause to be concerned about their professional lives, too.

Each reality star, you see, works as a salesperson for LuLaRoe; Meri, especally, has been a high-level seller at the apparel company for years.

Earlier this month, however, Amazon released a four-part documentary titled LuLaRich that shined a bright spotlight on the EXTREMELY shady business practices used by this organization.

Meri Brown in a Large Hat

Labeled by critics as a "pyramid scheme," LuLaRoe is also known as a multilevel marketing company.

In order to get in on the ground level, you pay a fee in order to obtain a certain number of clothing articles.

It is then your responsibility to sell these pieces of merchandise, while upper managers and/or longer-term employee simply benefit off your hard work, pocketing the money you paid to enter into this arrangement.

Meri Brown in Cancun

"(LuLaRoe) was tailored to and sold to a lot of women who are stay-at-home mothers (which is) a very isolating experience in this country, unfortunately," explains Julia Willoughby Nason, who co-directed documentary with Jenner Furst.

Basically describing Mary exactly, she added:

"People are so attracted to joining the company because they get to have friends, they get to have a community, and at the same time, they can have autonomy and make an income."

Meri has been an outspoken advocate of LuLaRoe for as long as we can remember, while Christine came on board in 2020.

Christine Brown Makeover Pic

In response to the documentary and all it revealed, Sister Wives fans are aghast that Meri and Christine are associated with such a company.

Relatedly, the Sun has now revealed that just months before the Amazon film aired, LuLaRoe was hit with a class action lawsuit for endless chain scheme... unfair and deceptive practices claims... false advertising... and a violation of California corporations code.

The legal documents were filed in March by retailer Jessica Ponkey, on behalf of 30 others, and it takes direct aim at LuLaRoe founders Mark Stidham and Deanne Brady.

Christine Brown on Her Insta

In the lawsuit, Ponkey trashes LuLaRoe as an “unlawful, fraudulent pyramid scheme which preys on stay-at-home mothers, promising them they can generate substantial income while still being able to spend time at home with their families.”

The Plaintiff claimed consultants’ main income came from their ability to recruit others into the “LuLaRoe scheme,” as opposed to the sales of products.

She says Stidham and Brady, along with others at the top of the company, have pocketed millions through these long-running scheme.

Jessica, and the other consultants, were “doomed from the start," she allleged, because the LuLaRoe plan allegedly “systematically rewarded recruiting consultants over retail sales of the product.”

Meri Brown in Cancun

Overall, according to this lawsuit?

“Defendants have engaged in constant unlawful, fraudulent, and unfair business acts or practices, and unfair, deceptive, false and misleading advertising within the meaning of the California Business and Professions Code."

LuLaRoe responded to this lawsuit by filing a motion to compel arbitration... meaning for the case will go directly to arbitration in an attempt to settle the dispute.

We highly doubt the company will really pay for its alleged sins.

Meri Brown is Brave

But might all this backlash negatively affect LuLaRoe?

Might Meri and Christine resign their posts if the criticism continues?

Could TLC even force them to do so if working for such a company prompts a downturn in Sister Wives ratings?

Stay tuned for the answers to these questions... and to see if Meri and Christine ever actually address the controversy directly.

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