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Kourtney Kardashian has been living it up in her romance with Travis Barker.

Apparently, it’s a little too much for Scott Disick, whose attempt to badmouth Kourtney to her other ex blew up in his face.

Younes exposed Scott’s DMs and he has been left feeling humiliated.

Not only did the world see Scott’s bitterness on full display, but so did his current girlfriend.

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Scott Disick barked up the wrong tree when he allegedly DMed Younes Bendjima a paparazzi shot of Kourtney and Travis’ PDA in Italy.

"Yo is this chick ok!????" he wrote with almost indescribable bro energy.

(Seriously, who talks like that at all, let alone about the mother of their children?)

Younes replied with a very mature: "Doesn’t matter to me as long as shes happy."

He added: "PS: i aint your bro."

We know all of this this because Younes shared a screenshot of the alleged DMs with the world through his Instagram Stories.

Younes Bendjima Turns 25
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An inside source spoke to E! News about how Scott Disick feels now that the world has seen this clownery.

"Scott Disick is still very bitter about Kourtney and Travis’ relationship," the insider confirmed.

"He wants her to be happy," the source claimed.

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"But behind closed doors," the insider added, "he will always have regrets."

These are regrets "about their relationship and why it didn’t work out."

The source explained: "He is bitter because he’s never seen Kourtney this serious about someone."

Younes Bendjima in the Mediterranean
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"Scott is mortified that Younes shared his private DM message," the insider confirmed.

"He had a low moment," the source stated, "and was looking to someone who could relate to his feelings."

According to the insider, Scott quickly realized that it was a bad call "and immediately regretted sending that message."

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"Scott never liked Younes," the source added.

"And," the insider acknowledged, "totally acted irrationally."

The source then confirmed: "He regrets reaching out to him."

Notably, Younes added a second post to his Instagram Story.

While he did not say all that much, he ended his post with "back 2 work now."

You will see momentarily why this is relevant.

Scott Disick’s gorgeous 20-year-old girlfriend, Amelia Gray Hamlin, obviously saw what played out.

She made a very similar remark to Younes’ in the caption of a pair of recent photos that she shared on Instagram.

"Back 2 work now," she wrote, just slightly rearranging Younes’ words.

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One can only imagine how she must feel in the moment. It might not be pretty.

It’s one thing to know that Scott Disick is very clearly still hung up on the mother of his children.

The final season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians made that clear. So did, well, everything else.

Scott Kisses Amelia

Scott started dating Amelia when she was 19.

She is the scion of a famous family. She is a gorgeous and widely recognized model.

That matches the description of Scott’s last serious girlfriend, too.

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Amelia simply should not have to deal with the endless clownery of an emotionally immature man twice her age.

Scott’s kids should not have to deal with this, either. For that matter, neither should Kourtney or Younes.

We don’t know why Scott can’t just be normal. At least now he might be more careful about who he tries to drag into his bitter feelings.