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Ryan Edwards would like to set the record straight.

The former Teen Mom OG cast member knows what the Internet has been saying about him for awhile now.

Even more specifically and importantly, he knows what ex-girlfriend Maci Bookout has been saying about him for awhile now.

And he’d like everyone to be aware of one simple and crucial thing:

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"I’ve been doing good with my sobriety," Ryan just told The Sun. "[August 19] was three years since I’ve been completely clean."

Edwards dropped this personal bombshell amid rumors that he fell off the wagon and relapsed at some point in the recent past, following a lengthy battle with heroin use and substance abuse overall.

These issues landed Ryan in rehab on multiple occasions.

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?

As a result, he doesn’t see his son very often.

Bookout said on numerous occasions during the latest season of Teen Mom OG that 12-year old Bentley is now old enough to be familiar with his father’s demons — and doesn’t want much to do with Edwards until he’s clean and sober.

Ryan now states this is the case.

"I don’t really go to meetings or anything," he told The Sun of his recovery. 

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Why not? Why not attend AA gatherings and go the quote-un-quote official route?

"We’ve just got so much s–t going on and I feel like when I go to a meeting everybody just wants to talk about the show," he explained.

The 33-year-old added that he’s "staying busy working with metal and building race cars," hobbies/jobs he’ll have more time with going forward because he’s been let go by MTV.

This spring, after he, his wife and his parents feuded constantly with Bookout over the amount of time they were permitted to spend with Bentley… Maci went to producers and got Edwards fired.

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Ryan has since accused Maci of turning their kid against him.

He’s even threatened legal action to resolve the ongoing custody dispute.

“We haven’t seen Bentley for over a month," Ryan told The Sun in August, referring to the 12-year old’s lack of contact with himself, his wife, Mackenzie, and Ryan’s mom and dad.

“I don’t speak at all with Maci. I miss Bentley for sure," Edwards continued at the time.

Ryan Edwards in Trump Hat

Asked if he thinks Bookout has “poisoned” Bentley against him, Ryan replied:

“A little bit, it feels like it. It hurts and it’s painful, for sure.”

In 2018, Edwards was arrested and charged with simple possession of heroin.

This incident came months after he was released from jail for violating his probation stemming from another heroin possession charge.

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Aside from these drug-related charges, Ryan also spent three months behind bars in 2019 for allegedly skipping out on a bar tab.

But that’s all in the past, both he and Mackenzie now insist.

"We are in a happy place at the moment. Nobody is saying that we haven’t made mistakes, because we have," the latter also told The Sun this week.

"But I’m not going to harp over them or live in sadness or shame over the past five years."

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Added the 24-year old:

"We’ve been through the best days of our lives on the show, but we’ve also been through some of the worst.

“That is part of my story, it’s part of Ryan’s story and I’m just proud of that. I’m proud of us and how far we’ve come with our family."

If true, this should all be taken as great news.

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Say what you want about Ryan’s behavior over the years — but he’s a father of three and, for the sake of his children, we’re thrilled to hear he’s doing so well.

Maci just hasn’t sounded convinced this is the case.

During Teen Mom OG filming awhile back, she didn’t want Bentley attending his half-brother’s birthday party because she was "still concerned about Ryan’s sobriety," as Bookout said on camera, adding:

"I only allow Bentley to see him when he’s with [his parents] Jen and Larry, so I know he’s safe.. In my opinion, he [is] 100% not sober."

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Edwards is now saying otherwise, though.

“You learn from your mistakes and you move on and you try to be better and grow," Mackenzie concluded to The Sun.

"A 20-year-old battling an addiction in their partner is a hard pill to swallow. There’s not a resource book or a handbook that tells you exactly how to deal with those things.

"Sometimes you make the right decisions and sometimes you don’t."