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Based on her very recent actions, Meri Brown may not be done with just her husband.

She may also be done with every single one of her sisterr wives.

How else to interpret what Meri just did?

What else should we read into the fact that Meri just unfollowed Kody… Robyn… Christine… and Janelle on Instagram?!?

4 Sister Wives

The long-time TLC personality hasn’t exactly made a secret out of her strained relationship with these women, going all the way back to when Meri wanted to open a bed and breakfast in Utah.

She asked her spouses for financial help at the time.

She got rejected across the board.

So Meri financed the operation on her own, and it’s grown into an enormous success.

Meri and Kody Brown Poster
Photo via TLC

Over the past couples of seasons on Sister Wives, meanwhile, viewers have watched as Meri’s romance with Kody has disintegrated into nothing.

A few months ago, for example, Meri tried to organized a romantic picnic with Kody in honor of the estranged couple’s 30th anniversary.

It didn’t go very well.

"Meri and I had problems like this long before Janelle even came into the family," Kody said on air, coming right out and confessing he’s stopped trying to make things work.

Meri Brown in Cancun

"But the catfishing thing was what really woke us up to the state of our situation," added Kody, referencing a period of time in 2015 when Meri tried to date outside the marriage.

"And we went a couple of years, a lot of counseling, figuring things out, and as we went through this process.

"I’m looking for a spark — something to initiate some form of desire for a relationship with each other.

"And in this time, it has never manifested."

Meri Brown is Brave

So we can’t say we’re stunned that Meri doesn’t want to follow Kody on social media any longer.

She has hinted over and over — and then over and over again — that she’s done with her marrage, sharing one cryptic post after another on Instagram.

Earlier this month, she even took a trip to Cancun. By herself.

Brown said she really needed a break.

Meri Brown, All Smiles

A break from ALL her sister wives, however?

It seems that way.

Heck, at this point, it appears as if the ladies only really interact when TLC cameras are rolling.

Meri Brown Madeover
Photo via Instagram

Last season, Meri opened up about her relationship after Kody said on an episode of Sister Wives that he rarely sees his first wife and the two have “quit dating” each other.

After fans took to social media and pushed for Meri to leave Kody and bid farewell to life as a plural wife, Brown assured these folks that she knows her worth and value.

Meri wrote that she is “a strong and capable woman, capable of making her own decisions, not based on money, not based on religion, not based on feelings.”

For whatever it’s worth, meanwhile, Meri does still follow several of her sister wives’ children — including Christine’s daughter Ysabel, and Robyn’s daughters Aurora and Breanna.

Meri Brown: Another Selfie

Sister Wives returns with new episodes on Sunday, November 21.

Will you be tuning in?!?