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If you watched the most recent season of Love After Lockup (not to be confused with spin-off series Life After Lockup, which is currently airing new episodes on WeTV), then you may have found yourself wondering about the fate of a boy known to viewers only as Dougie.

Dougie is the son of Doug (we know — with no last names, it’s like trying to keep differentiate between British monarchs), who married Rachel while he was still serving six years behind bars.

These days, Doug has joined the long list of Love After Lockup stars who are back behind bars.

(It’s almost like sudden fame is a bad idea for people who are trying to rebuild their lives following lengthy prison sentences, but that’s a conversation for another time.)

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Doug fell back into his old habits, and according to reports from the Kalamazoo Police Department, he was arrested for "distributing methamphetamine," leading police on a high speed chase, and then pulling a gun on a cop in a final attempt to resist arrest.

Needless to say, it’ll be a long time before the man-bunned menace sees the light of day again.

That’s bad news for Doug, of course, but it’s very good news for Dougie and Rachel, who recently finalized her divorce from Doug.

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Rachel first obtained custody of Dougie during the second of Doug’s three prison sentences, and she remains the kid’s guardian — for now, at least.

Yes, according to a new report from our friends over at Starcasm, Doug is trying to obtain custody of Dougie … despite the fact that he’ll probably be locked up for the next couple of decades.

And who will gain custody of Dougie if he’s taken from Rachel?

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Well, according to Doug’s sister Ashley, the kid will probably wind up in foster care, but Doug, his father (also named Doug), and his girlfriend Brittany don’t seem to care.

They just don’t want him to be in Rachel’s care.

You might remember the family reunion scene, in which we learned that Doug’s dad and siblings are nearly as messed up as he is.

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But one member of the clan — Doug’s sister Ashley — redeemed herself this week by going to bat for Rachel and once again and calling Brittany and her father out for forcing an innocent child to be a pawn in their game.

Ashley vented about the situation in a recent Facebook rant that we present here in its entirety.

(We’re once again indebted to the folks from Starcasm for translating Ashley’s somewhat-garbled status update):

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"It’s f–ked up how family can be. I haven’t talked or spent time with my dad, even though he’s not doing well at all. [Doug revealed on the show that their dad is sick.] I was daddy’s girl all the way, there for him for everything, even to talk to.

"Ever since Doug, Jr. got out of prison, sh-t went sideways. They took his side on everything and didn’t care about me or my family any more. We didn’t do sh*t to anyone — he was always in the wrong. So I lost everyone but the ones that live in my household.

"Doug, Jr. getting out of prison f–ked this WHOLE FAMILY UP. On top of that, I had custody of Douglas for 10 years before I terminated my rights through the courts in favor of Rachel.

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"Now look — Dougie’s dad’s going back to prison probably for 25 years or life. That’s the only lifestyle he knows and he will ever live. No one can blame anybody but Doug. He did this. He knew what he was getting into.

"Now that Doug’s ex wife Rachel has Dougie where he wants to be — the best life he could have: a person to love him, be there for him, and do a lot more than what I could have done caring for a child when I could barely take care of myself and had no one and not much support — I’m still the bad one.

"Now, Doug’s dope fiend girl [Brittany] (who’s no better, who doesn’t care for her kids much, and who has a ex that she still lives with because she f–ked up her marriage to be with a felon), now they want to cause more problems with Dougie. They would rather see him in the system, in and out of foster homes, than be where he is at and happy.

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"No one gives a f–k about anything but themselves. Just leave the f–king boy alone. He’s been through enough his whole life — both parents are f–king dead beats and always will be, and he knows that. Just leave the kid alone. He’s happy and healthy, that’s all that matters. This whole situation is just bull sh*t…….."

Ashley offered further clarification in the comments while responding to a follower’s questions about what exactly Doug hopes to achieve:

"Everyone’s trying to get him taken from Rachel when that’s where he wants to be. And the f–ked up thing about it is that no one else could get custody Dougie, but his dad and Brittany would rather see him in foster care than with Rachel," she wrote.

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"Dougie has had a rough enough life as it is. Why even f–king act like that? Because they’re not getting their way. Doug isn’t anything but a piece of sh-t."

We probably don’t need to tell you that past LAL stars haven’t set the highest standard with regard to behavior.

But Doug is making a convincing case for himself as the most deplorable of them all!